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hello, i'm a new member here. I'm having a problem with my fire fans.
They're the type that closes and opens and i have no control over it.
Plus, there's no spinning whole for my finger in case i want to spin them, and they feel a bit heavy.
Do you think i should get other ones or can i still learn on these?
Spinning them is a must to me, i'd hate to just wave them around :\


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how long have you had them? i would learn on those (since you have them) and then buy new ones later. i think you CAN control the opening and closing you just dunno how to yet. also, if you know someone that welds maybe they can put a spinning hole on them for you


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If you want to do spins, fans that dont lock open are pretty much impossible to control. Are you just starting fan work altogether? If so, I would definitely get some cheap static fans to start learning. It will give you a chance to learn the basics before adding in the element of opening and closing the tools.

Probably a better alternative is to figure out a method to strap/tape/tie the fans in the open position. What type of fans do you have? I forget all the different makers, but depending on the fan, Im sure there are different ways you could bind them open.

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