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Posted:I am getting sick to death of teenagers wanting everything to be done for them. Why do they not think for themselves? Why is that they think everything should be spoon fed to them as though they have none of their own opinions? Why do they not care about anything?

It was not so long ago that I was a teenager myself and I remember being interested in environmental issues, I had various hobbies, I enjoyed certain subjects etc. But more importantly I had my own opinions and so to did my fellow classmates. At the moment though it seems like the teenagers I am teaching have no concept of the world. They lack basic general knowledge and they seem to be incapable of linking one principle with another. They do not have basic arguing skills. Consequently I find them rather dull.

Are my frustrations due to a prescribed education administered in the schools they went to before they got to college? Is it somehow my fault? What the hell is up with these people? How on Earth are they going to survive if they dont have basic communication skills?

Any teenagers who read this please start to think for yourselves if at present you are relying on others to do your thinking for you. If anyone has answers to these questions please let me know.

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