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Can you change the meet others database to include England, Scotland, Wales amd Northern Ireland as the UK please? We're still the same country whatever anyone thinks, do this or change Spain into Galicia, Catalonia, Pais Vasco and Spain etc.... see what I mean. It'll make it easier to browse too. Thankyou for your help in this matter.Fire goes beyond the barriers of nationality and language, you don't even have to be able to talk to your fellow pyros just share the common language of flame.


KatBRONZE Member
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Yikes..Wouldn't it be nice if life could be that simple. This is something that I constantly have trouble with in work as well. The fact is if you change it to UK then there will be a lot of problems. I have friends from Northern Ireland and Scotland and they *don't * like being referred to as British. Its a political and nationalistic thing, and no, it's not ideal - but to avoid offense, I think it is better if things remain as they are, and I'm sure Malcom knew what he was doing when he grouped these regions seperately. Sorry Iandd, but I veto your suggestion.But maybe it would be nice if you could go to Northern Ireland and teach some of the wankers there the joys of fire to overcome the barriers of nationality there. Yet again, wouldn't it be nice if life could be that simple.Sigh....Kat ------------------"London is a city coming down from its trip and there's going to be a lot of refugees" - Danny,Withnail & I

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MalcolmSAPPHIRE Member
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Iandd,Yes I have put alot of thought into this. UK have been split because of two reasons1. There are heaps of people in the UK and this division (England, Ireland etc) helps to narrow the searches.2. I have had people who do not want to be part of a "UK".With regard to spliting up spain. I will consider doing that when I get a lot more people in that area.Regards smileMalcolm

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