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Posted:HOP is growing madly and we have been gaining new members quite quickly. Due to this influx their seems to have been a few topics like "looking for people, orgainising a gathering.. " lately.

We set up the "meet others" database to catagorise and find people easier and quickly. Gets rather messy if people use the discussion board to find people in their own town/county.

I know gatherings are "social" gatherings and in an attempt to keep things organised we would prefer these to be in the "Events, Performances & Gatherings" forums. Once you have set the date make use of the "Events" calendar database to display the events details.

I understand that not everyone knows how everything works here straight away. And I thank those members for their assistance in helping newer visitors gain the most from the resources on the site .

Thanks for your help

Malcolm & HOP team

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Posted:thanks Malcolm,

I'd don't think I'd noticed that was there at the top of the page since I first joined the site lol.

it's pretty obvious really, best if I find my pointy hat

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No worries. I only see what I am looking for, I am blind to everything else .


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Posted:*looks around sheepishly*

I suppose I'm guilty of that, asking if anyone else is in the county I'm in, so sorry about that.

I guess I might have got a bit carried away with my rekindled focus on spinning, I've recently started to really get into it again, after the best part of half a year of not doing any spinning. It's no excuse, but that's probably what it is, it's certainly what's suddenly driven me to make loads more sets of poi - my current total is 10, only 2 of which I've bought, and I'm planning on making a few more

Anyway, now I know there are a few more people in my area, I'll keep it to PMs (when I get round to them)

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Posted:The thing with the Meet Others thing is that it is a bit random, you don't know who you're emailing. Some people might not want to get random emails from people (everyone hates spam) but still want to know who's about and what's on, some might have entered their details a year ago and forgotten about HoP and wonder why they're getting strange emails.

Posting a thread on the discussion board targets active and willing HoP members so you're more likely to get a good response. It isn't an 'invasive' means of contact.

I do agree that sometimes people need to think about what they're posting and in which section, and if emails and PMs are more appropriate.

Just my thoughts.

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Posted:As long as everyone chips in and helps out the newer members this shouldn't be a problem.

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