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Posted:Ok the girl of few words would like to say a couple more words than usual to you ALL.

As a few of you know I've been having a really hard time with family problems over the last.......well lets just say quite a while. I'm not the best person at dealing with things that can hurt the heart and soul, but with the ongoing help that I've been getting from you HOPers (you all know who you are!) I feel like I can see a little light at the end of the tunnel.

Your words of encouragement and constant hugs have been a great joy.... to me at a time when things have been a little wobbly. I feel very humbled by you all, I never realised how much you cared.

Last night a beautiful soul expressed their concern for me and the way I deal with personal issues. I'm not very good at trusting people because I've been hurt in the past by people I thought cared. I realise that this is not a good enough reason to go on not opening myself.... , I can see how much love I've been running away from just because of being scared of getting hurt again. I don't intend to go on like this, because I realise that I have friends here that I can turn to in times of trouble and JOY.

Thank you guys, you all mean the world to me.

Cass: You're phone call touched me very much, you're a gentle loving person who REALLY does care.

Dom: Thanks for giving Cass my number, she caught me at a time when I really needed her.

Hels Bells: Woww how the hell do you do it???? I mean you live with me day in day deserve a medal. You listen to me, talk to me, hug me cook for me and give me too much wine. For all of those things I love you.

Ray: you're a little sweetie really aren't you!!! Don't worry your secrets safe with me

Feeling very happy now that I've got all that off my chest.

Thank you all so very much.

I love you all


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Posted:We love you back, beautiful and hope that life treats you the way you deserve : like a princess

you've got such a lovely voice lisa, that's the only reason I called and practice my english too

SEE YOU SOON hint hint, push push, think about all those hugs and crepes waiting for you

I'm here for you

shine on

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Posted:Bam Bam,
I hope you know how I feel about you, but in case you need reminding here goes...

You are a ray of sunshine in my life, the last few months have been the best ever and that's thanks to you. It is now my turn to pay you back for everything you have given to me.

I think you are brilliant, and it's now my mission in life to be there to cheer you up whenever you are down.

I hope my present will do just that!

You take care of yourself and I'll see you later...

Cass - I am very much looking forward to sampling your famous crepes!!


Live well, love much, laugh often...

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Raymund Phule (Fireproof)

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Posted:BamBam, I like to treat people like they treat me. You are definatly the one who needs to be thanked. I didnt even know you and you just up and gimme a PM, brought a smile to my face on one of my worst days. You were there for me and I didnt even know you. For that I am forever in your debt.

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Posted:That's me, I'm Cass' phone book today!

Be happy Bam. You read Pele's thoughts on life post?


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Bam, you are great, have always thought so. You take care...

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Posted:Bam Ban Forever !
U know ur loved by many Bam, if u didn't then u do now !
I am so glad that u & I have become friends, u have lovely energy & just the thought of you makes me smile wider & wider.
ur wicked & I can't wait 2 c u (back on wednesday)
love u loads & loads girly
& may our staffs twirl together till the end of time.
big big big love sweetheart
c us oon !
dinner ?
ur house ?
I'm cooking !
love yah

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