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Attorney meets the 'jury pool from hell'

Sex, drugs and bias -- prospective jurors acknowledge all

MEMPHIS, Tennessee (AP) -- Defense attorney Leslie Ballin called it the "jury pool from hell."

The group of prospective jurors was summoned to listen to a case of Tennessee trailer park violence.

Right after jury selection began last week, one man got up and left, announcing, "I'm on morphine and I'm higher than a kite."

When the prosecutor asked if anyone had been convicted of a crime, a prospective juror said that he had been arrested and taken to a mental hospital after he almost shot his nephew. He said he was provoked because his nephew just would not come out from under the bed.

Another would-be juror said he had had alcohol problems and was arrested for soliciting sex from an undercover officer. "I should have known something was up," he said. "She had all her teeth."

Another prospect volunteered he probably should not be on the jury: "In my neighborhood, everyone knows that if you get Mr. Ballin (as your lawyer), you're probably guilty." He was not chosen.

The case involved a woman accused of hitting her brother's girlfriend in the face with a brick. Ballin's client was found not guilty.

And I'm the same species as these people? ubblol

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Posted:Oh. My.

First rate citizens, they are!


or not.

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Posted:I know what you mean. Where do some of these people come from? I can't even watch day-time television cause its so horrible. When somebody's sleeping with their ex-lovers mother and their gonna have a baby but the daughter already has two kids by the guy and for some reason this guy Bubba fits into the equation it makes me disgusted. I can't beleive people like this exsist or even if its all fake go on tv and make themselves look like such trash. It makes me sad to be a human.

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Posted:LMAO @ 'she had her own teeth' biggrin

Shows up the potential vulnerability of the 'trial by jury' idea, but at least they fessed up!

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Posted:actually, I'd be willing to bet they were all normal people.

first - it was right after jury selection began - as in these people were not actually on the jury . These people got summoned, didn't want to be there, and found an excuse to be able to leave.

I've gone to jury duty and said I was an advocate of the death penalty (I'm not), sympathetic to people who abuse their spouses (I'm not), and other lies to get out of it.

These people were all doing the same thing.


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Posted:i see what you're saying van - i have an aversion to the police force based on my family's past experiences with them, which handily excuses me from ever serving on a jury.

but i'd find it hard to come up with excuses as good some of those.

for example, i've never asked a policewoman if i could pay her for a shag (no matter how many teeth she might have had) and shooting at your nephew because he was hiding under a bed doesn't seem much like 'normal people' to me ubblol

respect to the morphine guy though - i might use that line to try and get off work early on friday... wink

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Posted:George Carling did a sketch on how to get out of jury duty.

Tell 'em "I can tell a guilty man from 100 yards, it's all to do with how close together his eyes are"

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