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Posted:You know, I was having fun. My doubles were actually starting to look like something, and this is despite the fact I can't do anything much, i just put some throws and palm and finger spins together and call it staff right now, but it was flowing beautifully and then i messed up a dumb easy throw i've never missed... about five minutes later i realized how rediculous all these stupid mistakes were, and also that i was quite dizzy... hehe, it was so awesome tho, it was starting to work! Anyhoo, my advice is, spending lots of time practicing in the sun w/o water does not improve you as much as you might think

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Posted:And without sunblock can leave you this really glowing shade of red that rivals your fire!

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Posted:Hydration is a very important thing. When you first started spinning, undoubtably you noticed your arms were sore. It is a work out. You need to hydrate. I know Marines that drink 3 gallons of water a day just to keep hydrated, then again these guys are on kreotine and do a longer work out than any person I know.

Hydration is no joke, from what I understand the silver bullet (thermomiter up the good ole brown shoot) dont feel to good, though I wouldn't know from experence.

Hydrate before and after your preformances. No joke people I cant stress the importance of this enough. Marines have died because of dehydration. This is freekin serius.

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