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recently got some fuel and started spinning with fire again smile but i feel so stuck with what i can do....

guess this is a similar (-ish) post to one by Telpeva Isil, except i'm moaning!

i have started learning more advanced stuff, but most of it seems to over my head... and i can only do the really basic stuff with fire... which drives me mad cos i know its not very good, i wanna be learning new things and getting better.... raaaa!!!!

i know, practise.... devil

Mmmmm.... can i nominate myself for the most boring and moany posts award? (sorry - its just me i guess!) tongue

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Search for "the teaching thread (or the longest post ever)" in the help section. Sorry no time to search for you...

Try meeting other people.....helps lots too....try downloading video's they send subliminal messages that make you better automatically... gott run smile

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dont feel you have to spin fire, but just spin poi of some sort all day long. 'the advanced stuff' will come to you and before you know it youll be doing it with fire.

and also i agree about the videos, mostly with fire its not the moves, its the flow, and the shapes you are making.

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oli's spot on- get to work with the non fire poi, that's were you learn the new stuff and improve.

You'll always be a bit behind with fire in contrast to what you can do unlit- that's the way it should be, the golden rule of safety is that you don't attempt any move with fire that you can't do 100% (preferably with eyes shut) without fire.

Of course, if you want to be really good at fire then, at some point you'll have to put in some quality burning time where you really solidify the stuff you've learnt unlit and get it working well lit.

But it sounds to me like you need to be focusing on the unlit stuff, learning and inventing new moves, and, just as important, linking them up in different ways; think of style, grace and new slants to the stuff you can already do.

Maybe you should also check my recent thread on slow spinning, here-

[Old link]

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awwww..... thank you!

hug2 hug2 hug2 hug2 hug2

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Ditto what onewheeldave and oli said.

LotsandLots of non-flamey practice...get into a grove with your practice poi until it all becomes second nature.

When you can get flamey practice time in, the more the better, because you get comfortable with the flame...but when taking a move you can do with practice poi to fire, be sure you can do it without thinking about it..into and out of the move smoothly.

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i somtimes spin blindfolded, its such a lovely experince!!

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How often do you practice? I do it everyday, but you'd have to be a super talent to get good, as in REALLY good, by just spinning alone. Vids are second best way to learn, meeting others is definately the best. Those little variations and actually being able to ask questions and get into the groove with people is amazing. Of the big meets this year the most popular words were "cool" "wow" and of course "look what I've just learned/found/can do".

Go meet folks, drive for hundreds of miles for a few hours spinning (yes I am sad enough for that) and you'll be inspired beyond your wildest imagination smile

Mostly, keep positive. If you can't met folks, practice what you do, infront of a mirror or big window. See what looks nice and what doesn't and try to make it more pleasing on the eye. Technique and flow is far far more important than tricks.


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Running hippy spinning lemming
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hey thanks... i think you just listed all the probs i've had... i havent met anyone yet, but am hoping to fix this soon,
i cant download videos to watch as i dont have my own computer and it never seems to work when i try on public computers... but i'm going to buy col 4 (and 5!) very very soon and watch them for some inspiration...
I have been practising a little bit everyday - but not enough, i'm getting better... slowing down my weaves has helped as i think i can isolate now, and i just learnt a butterfly airwrap... need to figure nice ways of linking everything, i dont like getting into a routine with my spinning... i need to find some new transitions so i can mix up the order a bit!
thanks for your help.... i really must get out and meet all you guys!
hug biggrin hug

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