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Posted:Yarrr... Hello all out there... I was wondering, What does your name mean? any siginificance? I'll go first;
Mugetsu: Made up of two kanji that mean "No moon" (Thats when I impress my friends by getting terrable burns!)

Is it hot in here, or was I just engulfed in flames?

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Posted:My screen name just comes from my avitar doodle.....the doodle is nicknamed Skully.... Skully was taken as a s/n so I added the duggery bit and got skulduggery. I put it in one of these baby name search thingies and strangely enough no one has named their child Skulduggery..... how odd is that? Its dictionary meaning is trickery.

I put my real name in the baby name thingie and got this:-

1. Lynne (Anglo-Saxon) A cascade

2. Lynne (English) Abbreviation of Lynnette who accompanied Sir Gareth on a knightly quest in Arthurian legend; variant of the Irish Gaelic word lann meaning house; church.

The last one is strange because the old man that live next door to my granny when I was a child used to insist on calling me Lynnette even though I kept telling him it was just Lynne. Seems he was right all along!

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Posted:also...skullduggery is a FANTASTIC song by James on their first album Stutter released in the 80's about hundreds of insects throwing a WICKED party in your banana

It's smashing to be back x


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Posted:skullduggery is also one of the best pinball games ever to exist. there is even a computer version of it I think. It has a pirate theme of course.


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Posted:Jona- its what ive been called since i was about 2.

- it comes from my full name- Jonathan, See, clever isnt it, just cut off the 'than'. hmmm, maybe i should start calling myself than. ubblol

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Posted:efes is pretty much the only beer that i can get ere lol so dats in my mnd quite i like to spin so ummm.....

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Posted:My real name is John, and since its the most common name ever and I'm 1/4 welsh, I use ieaun to post on boards/web/email etc cause no one ever has that. I've been told it's a very old welsh form of John.

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Posted:Written by: ieuan

My real name is John, and since its the most common name ever and I'm 1/4 welsh, I use ieaun to post on boards/web/email etc cause no one ever has that. I've been told it's a very old welsh form of John.

you could also be Sion (shon..) i think... i'd have to check that but am pretty sure it also means john...

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Posted:Where the heck is the "What's in a name" thread?

anyhoo, it's the name of a character on Fraggle Rock. You can see him in my gallery if you're curious as to what he looks like....

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Posted:my real name is Hannah and Hanz is a nickname my sisters friend gave me. It also comes in handy coz online people think I am a guy, and my interests dont help that at all. lol.
according to
Hannah means Favor; grace. Biblical mother of the prophet Samuel. I knew it came from the Christian Bible, just wasnt sure where.

ieuan you could also have been Yani, which is swedish for John. or Yorn with a mark above the o which is German for John.


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Posted:MiG came from a gaming club at school. cant remember what it means, but it isnt a contraction for mikoyan gueravich (i think i got that right), the russian plane makers.

Rhys: Welsh name meaning "ardor; fiery; impetus; zealous"

ooh, it says fiery biggrin

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Posted:Another fairly simple one I kitesurf and I'm a man.
My surname is Carter and I've been called Kiteman Carter since I started flying power kites.

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Posted:Hogasm. hog being a nick for Harley's and "gasm" being the effect of girls on my Harley. ubblove

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Posted:My name comes from a number of Clan Tags from clans i was on on a game called Tanarus, and the name just stuck for like 5 years now heh.

evol is for EVOLution
soul is for Munity Souls
x is for Xtreme



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Posted:Cranmere Pool is a wet, boggy and inaccessible place in the middle of Dartmoor which is one of my favourite places to go walking.

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Posted:yann: celtic version of john, boring, but less common than john, so not too boring

icus: invented suffixe, a pathetic attempt to romanize my name, to give grandeur and pomp

yannicus, thats me, but only on the net. im yanni to close ones when they feel affectionate towards me, otherwise its dickhead

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Posted:Parafinfairy - I always seem to have mishaps with parafin where I seem to cover myself in it. Parafinfairy sounds better than smellsofparafin!

Alexia - Greek, don't have a clue what it means though.

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Posted:Mine's a lyric from a song I wrote in my old band. It's my usual internet name

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Posted:its my email address that my bro gave me when i was younger. it kinda sucks to be honest but it just stuck. i had pink hair at the time. hmm...

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Posted:I once looked up "god" in a thesaurus, and the only word I didn't recognize was numen. According to, it is:

1. A presiding divinity or spirit of a place.
2. A spirit believed by animists to inhabit certain natural phenomena or objects.
3. Creative energy; genius.

I like the idea of being the god of the very small amount of space inhabited by my body.

My given name, Aaryn... well, my mom wanted to name me Aaron. My dad wanted to name me Arran (there's an island off the western coast of Scotland, that when seen from the right place looks EXACTLY like the body of a dead giant laying in repose). Somehow, they negotiated it to Aaryn. Where the Y came from is probably best left alone; some things Man was not meant to know.

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Posted:umm Gidg ... a definition ... a meaning ... Well if anyone can come up with one I'm willing to listen. I've had the name since I was three days old.

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Posted:My housemates started calling me Fraeulein since I am a German girl (or maybe it was just the only German word they knew ubblol). In Germany it's kinda derogatory and noone uses it any longer since our feminists fought for getting it out of the dictionaries. Yeah, well, whatever.... It was used for unmarried women (like Miss in English) and means something like little woman. Mmh... I am so I guess it fits - in many ways ubblol

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Posted:Fryed Fish::::im astrologically a fish, and i play with fire, so it just kind of fit

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But you have to let them close enough to help......
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Posted:Dutch = A wooden shoe wearing, money loving individual, living below sealevel in the flattest country on earth. This kind of individual is able to go extremely mad if the bus or train is one minute late.

Fire = Really nice to play with.

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Posted:I happen to have burn scars covering just about 1/3 of body from a car accident that i was in 5 yrs ago. My friends told me in the hospital that i was "burned crispy". Then when i was recovering rom my burns, my physical therapist taught me how to use a staff to help me regain my arm & finger use. That is how i got into fire staff.


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Posted:burncrispy - hello! haven't seen you before!! (but i do have a crap memory!! ubblol) i like the sound of your physical therapist!! what a kewl thing to teach someone in rehab!! biggrin

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Posted:Haggard is the name of my favourite movie, plus i dont know why, i just think it's a cool word.

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ture na sig


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Posted:mech = mechhead = old online name!

sorry guys, mine is of along forgotten past, its strange when ppl use it to my face, as its was dead for a long time....hmm its kind of nice though

it came along from all the tech shite i used to do, and i got the name mechhead..and its stuck!

step = my sir name stepek, this shorted is step, and thats the name i prefer

as for gidg

it mean a lady whos hear is wonderful, open and caring.....and good at balancing a staff on your head wink

Step (el-nombrie)



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Posted:Umm OK.. So I thinnk satyagraha was orginally (and probably still is) a concept in eastern religions (eg buddhism, hinduism) which meant 3 different things:
1: 'sat': truth, openness, honesty, fairness
2: 'ahimsa': refusal to inflict injury upon others, non-violence, including not approving of any other person's violence or failing to relieve another person's pain, its about not being duped into violence
3: 'tapasya': willingness for self-sacrifice, endurance

Then Gandhi kind of used as a personal philosophy meaning 'non-violent'/passive resistance ('the practice of applying power to achieve socio-political goals through symbolic protects, economic or political non-cooperation, civil disobedience and other methods, without the use of physical violence'... an easier definition is 'non-violent protest as a means of revolution')

I chose it cause it's a philosophy I believe in.. and I wanted to spread it around...

alex xox

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Posted:My name stems from a few years back when i invested 110 hours in playing FFVIII; Ifrit was a large Guardian Force that was my most powerful. It came to mind as his element was fire. That explains the pic as well.

fire leads to creation


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