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Posted:I Was wondering if anybody can document poi or any other Fire spinning in Areas that had trade with europe between 400 Ad and 1600 AD Can Anybody Help me? A name of a nbook or a website that can direct me would be great Thanks~spryte~

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Posted:well, if you can just document it getting to china, you would be all set. or india...tee, hee, going to pennsic, are ya?
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lemme see if i can find anythingwait, wait! what year was austrailia/nz colonized? (if you can use that term)...that might be enough! especially if there's any kind of tlak about natives. [This message has been edited by ykaterina (edited 23 February 2001).]




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Posted:Well, the Maoris arrived in NZ about 500 years before the Europeans, so yes, they were essentially colonists.I've also heard of a Greek fire-twirling tradition, but I don't know anything about it.

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