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Quite simple in Theory but difficult in practice:

One hand spinning 3 Beat Weave (1left : 2right) the other 5 Beat (2left : 3right)
all together (5+3)/2 = 4 Beat Weave isnt it ubbloco
HOP Beat-Commissioner NYC - whats your oppinion ?
Havent got it down really clean yet, but working on it ... anybody with me ?



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Written by: NOn

weavesmiley if only there was a 4bt and a 5bt smiley too, then we'd all have the answer biggrin

imagines new concepts typed out as a string of move emoticons.. ubbidea= juggle weavesmiley eek ubbloco ubblove


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Ok, I gave it a day but Im impatient so Im giving the answer. All you have to do to make a continuous symmetrical 4b weave is pass your poi to the opposite hands on the 3rd beat of each side. You come out looking like youre doing a 3 beat weave but yer actually doing 4 because of the hand switch.


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I've found two 4 beat weaves. the true(in my opinion)4 beat is an off time 4 beat weave that we all know and love. but i've stumbled upon a 4 beat non-off-time weave. i suppose it's most like a 2beat weave but i'm getting 4 revolutions per side. the cross-over timing from one side to the other is a half a beat off but as soon as the poi is entering it's first revolution on either side, the poi is no longer off-time.....sheesh. does any of this make sense? i think this is why i don't post moves-because i'm horrible at describing them! confused2

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 Written by: NOn

 Written by: Faberg

in fact the whole "am i doing 4 beats or 5 confused" drove me quite demented at the beginning ubblol

That still is driving me mad!! I can't count the beats (although I know how to... i read it in FAQ bit like a good girl biggrin) I'm just... rubbish at counting it seems and i go through various phases of thinking that my weave is 4 bt for a week, and trying to do something with extra beats, and then the next week deciding that maybe it is the 5bt anyway and there's no point in bothering with the extra beats because my retarded left wrist doesn't like it..... if a 4 bt continuous weave is not possible, then its a 5bt and i don't have to worry about it no more.............. or i just carry on as i am, and end up inventing an amazing arm twisty weave which i shall call the "shoulder dislocation weave" and become famous for it biggrin

You've just described exactly how I feel.

My current understanding (and this might change, or, and I'm getting closer to this, I'm just going to call it whatever I feel like) is that a 4-beat weave has to be assymetrical, but that doesn't mean that it's 5/3. It means that you cross arms on one side (which adds a beat) and uncross on the other side (which adds a beat on that side), without crossing again on that side (or else it turns into a 5-beat - it also follows that every 5-beat weave starts off with 4 beats on one side - unless you find some way to start off with your wrists twisted).

I could be wrong, all I know is that when I cross my arms an extra time on each side it is symmetrical and I like it, and it's going to be a very long time before I get any more beats than that.

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Hey andy!!!

How are you!! Lonag time no see!! biggrin It's rob from dublin here!!

Does the weave thing your talking about bring you from feeling that your hands and body position mean you are doing a weave feeling then a crosser then a weave and open.. like you hands arent stuck together as in a weave but are changeable so suit the timing of the heads of the poi or is it all polyrythym??

And if it is all polyrythym then what about the other movement as a type of weird splitting your brain into two timings for each hand??

See ya soon (hopefully!!) EJC Greece!!??? Uber something?? You can show me some hybrids!!! Ow my head! ubbrollsmile

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(think this thread is a bit old Rob smile )

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no way... brand new... it's still 04 right? but either way, this is the first time I've seen this thread, but I was doing a 5/3 in 05 or something. so I understand what these guys were talking about. but thanks for reminding me, I totally forgot about it. basically a 5 beat missing a beat with one hand on either side on the left side, it misses a beat with the left hand and on the right it misses one with the right hand. but it feels as though you just spin your right hand an extra time on your left side and vice versa. try it. really cool, really easy.

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