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Wow today was a great day. i started by learning corkscrews, and then got windmills and chasing the sun too. i have been working on this combination that i think will look great once i get it smooth..4 beat weave on one side to chasing the sun for 1 beat to 2 beats of windmill straight into 4 beat weave on the other side..lather rinse repeat. also would be cool if i could leave the chasing the sun beat out and go straight to windmill but i am whacking myself a heck of lot every time i try that so i will figure that out later :-) oh and another really simple but cool thing..start with a windmill, wind it down into corkscrews for a few beats, then let both strings wrap around your legs and corkscrew the other way then back into windmills the opposite of starting direction.. :-)Peace,Matt------------------All that AND a bag of chips?!? Now that's a deal!

All that AND a bag of chips?!? Now that's a deal!

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Awesome! Yep, I've used variations on that combo myself..very nice!keep spinning,-protie

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