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Posted:First off, happy 4th to everyone, I hope something great happens to you all. wink

Today the family went to Hammock Beach in north FLA, to celebrate my dad's birthday earily. So we did the celebration thing, sang happy b-day, ate alot and was merry.

Soon after that everyone went their seprate ways. Some people stayed in the hotel room and sang karaoke, some went to the pool and my brothers, and cousin went with me to the beach.

I was luckly enough to bring my comet poi with me today, and I went on the beach and I started practicing. Little did I know how GREAT it felt being outside on a sunny day on the beach with my poi.

The feeling was incredible. I can't really describe it, something about having the sun shine down on my bare back, the ocean right by my feet and people looking by as they came from the water to they're place that made it special and fun.

I don't know why it felt good this time, I've strung where people could see me before, but that was with LED sticks. I guess people thought I was on some drugs (btw I never took anything illegal in my life, and I plan to keep it that way), or some stupid crazy raver. angry I guess today it was just some random kid on the beach, with no one to judge me.

Just felt like posting something fun that happened to me today. I'm in a good mood biggrin good day ya'll smile

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Posted:I was going to do poi on the beach of Lake Tahoe yesterday, but it was really windy, and I was quite tired, seeing as how I climbed a mountain the day before...maybe I should have.

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