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Posted:Hmm -would you be surprised if i told you my mother taught me how to spin pois? i learnt pois when i was about 6 years old and im now 22. I guess its the whole cultural thing being a new zealander but i never got the chance to light the ends since my brother did that part as well as getting to spin firesticks. I went to a mad beach rave and everyone was twirling so i got the urge to start poiing again.

Life is GRAND and i am gratefulNamaste'Ren

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Posted:Hi Ren,let me be the first to welcome you to this board. Should you have any questions comments or suggestions - feel free to post. People are very friendly, and accepting on the whole.Have you looked at the lessons section yet? Anyhow -I wishI had been spinning since I was six. I think NZ is the only place that kids learn swinging as a cultural heritage type thing.have a good one,Josh


Jeff Duncan

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Posted:well hello!!!are you really a kiwi?well i said hello but now im gunna say bye bye.C-ya L8R


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