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Posted:I was thinking back to when I learnt to first spin fire.

this was with a staff. I was at a fest in England (Buda fields)

3 years ago ubblove

and these 2 lovley girls came up to me and ask me if I wanted to join there staff workshop.confused

I had been juggling balls for a year and was ready to try something different.

I got a whole 2 hours of lessons and was quite good I tought for that amount of time. biggrin

I had a few more hours of pratice and then when it got dark they got all the people they had taught that day and told them to do it with a burnning staff. ubbloco

It went quite well untill one of the people that I had got to know quite well let go of the staff, redface and it shot in to the croud.

no one got burnt,

but it was my go next. talk about nervs. help

I only did what I was realy sure about.

It all went well for me

the whole point of this is that I was spinning fire only after 4 hours of pratice.

how long did you spin befor you set light to your staff/poi.?


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Posted:not very long at all!
i had bought my sandbags on shoelaces the same time my friend bought his fire poi (i was holidaying in QLD at the time, anbd he was at home so we had no ide the other had bought that gear!). so i had played with mine a little before i used his. i have no idea in terms of hours, but thats probably a good thing considering it would be very few indeed!!!

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Posted:I was spinnin with home-made poi for as long as it took my real ones to come thru the post before I span fire. I was gonna leave a few weeks after they arrived to spin fire....but they were burning a hole in my pocket (ok so bad joke) ubbloco
So I span fire after about 2weeks.. the first time I was so scared and I only span for like 2 mins and only did one move. And then after I'd hit myself a few times then I new that it was ok cus I didn't spontaneously combust :-S Poi ROCKS!

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Posted:I think my first ever twirl WAS with fire, the time I got shown, but I can't actually remember the first twirl. I remember the night though, it was really funny, there were tonnes of us on a school oval I think it was, glen waverly high? Someone brought their car in and pumped "smack my bitch up". Ah that was a cool night.

This would have been back in year 10, 2000. It might have been 2001, I guess the best way would be to see when that song came out :P.

- Klaymen

[EDIT okay apparently it came out in 97, so I guess first twirl was 2000 :P]

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Posted:About 45 seconds redface

that may be an exaggeration. angel2

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Posted:as far as poi goes....about a year i think, maybe a little less.

as far as clubs, like 7 years. i had no idea i could do them with fire, otherwise i probably would have lit up much sooner!

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Posted:I think i managed to wait about a month, when I could do a few things without messing it up!

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Posted:the first time i span fire was the first time i heard of poi,

met up with a friend down from london he'd pick up a setand got bang into fire so when he came down we hooked up in a field with four of us spinning fir poi was me hooked!


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Posted:i spent about 3 hours or so learning stuff, and maybe an hour with some poi in my hands before i lit up. loved it biggrin

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Posted:ill never forget my first time. it wasnt particularly good compared to my abilities now, but i still managed to impress.... i was exhausted my the end though....

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Posted:i only spun for about 4 minutes the first time and oh god i was dripping sweat. of course i made my first staff and it was made of steal oh god that was heavy





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Posted:How long had I been using unlit Poi for before I used lit Poi... say 5 minutes per camp, 4 camps... only about 20 minutes, maybe 30, so when I lit up I knew nothing... only basic forward and back spin and butterfly... so I mucked around with them.
How long was my first spin with fire? about 5-1- minutes... not sure how long, hard to count time when you're doing something like that.



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Posted:About a month or so.

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Posted:hmmm..... about a month or 2. i had a go with DeepSoulSheep's girlfriends firepoi at a party. it was about another month or 2 before i got my own firepoi and lit up again.....

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Posted:It was funny my first go on fire!!!!! ubblol

i meet this girl from NZ at work and she told me all about the world of fire. So one afternoon i went back to her house, to see what all the fuss was about! As soon i saw this, i jumped straight into it..... no practice at all. weavesmiley

SILLY ME, the chain ended up wrapping around me wrist eek

ever since then i practiced with fire and without fire!

hug hug

P.S I did this little fire show not to long ago..... After the little play the girls all wanted to have a turn, first turn on fire like me!!!! but now im teaching one of them... within a few days or so, she can do the weave, turn around, one hand butterfly.....

Amazing stuff i think!!! angelblue

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Posted:about 1 year and 3 mounth????im not sure....but one year definetly redface



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Posted:I really can't remember! smile

Probably about 1 month (but by golly I was practising a lot in those first few days biggrin ) but it could have been more...

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Posted:Probably around 5 months before I first burned and 8 months till I got my first real set of fire wicks.

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Posted:less than one hour after i heard about poi, i lit up after practising a few basics unlit

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Posted:i got my poi for xmas but never lit them, but then a few weeks ago i got introduced to my mates girlfriend from Devon and she let me use hers... so it was 6 months!!! Im 2 scared to light up again tho coz id have to do it on my own and id prob set fire to myself! x

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Posted:First time I played with poi and staff, they were on fire smile

It was my birthday, but I was at someone elses party. And I was very high. Someone else lit them for me, and stuck them in my hands. Was fine with the staff, cos its just a stick innit, but I singed my hair a bit with the poi. Good fun though, I just did sidespins with intermitent bursts of drunken flailing. Pretty sweet methinks.

Didnt light my meteor for a good 3 weeks mind - well, we were playing poi and staff, and I had my meteor there to practise, but my mate was like "hey this ones not on fire" *splash* *whooosh* "Holy fook" *flail, fall over*

Then he gave them to me, with a look of total fear on his face, and I had a quick weave before hurting myself an letting go. Good times.




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Posted:about an hour, but experienced playing with fire cos of juggling fire and eating for years so didnt seem a big deal

It's smashing to be back x




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Posted:i picked up poi, got the weave after about 2 minutes and then did fire about 10 minutes after that! Nice! biggrin

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Posted:probly about 3 months or so, me an my girl lit up at the same time. lots of fun!!


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Posted:I think it was probably about a month or so. I can't really remember though...

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Posted:About three weeks. I took it so carefull, now any chance to show off.
I'm still really shite but it seems to impress my mates at BBQs.

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Posted:about half an hour... having two flaming things on the end of each arm is enough to make you not want to make mistakes.... smacking yourself in the back of the head and smelling burning hair the second time you do it, works pretty well too! but then I got my own non-firey ones and practised on them...

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