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I have the light sticks... (from a poundshop how impressed am I!) and I need to make poi out of them any ideas... if I was in US I'd order from this site but I'm in UK and can't afford shipping! help! weavesmiley

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You need some way of creating strings. My advice is to do what I did when making my fluffy poi. I got two round rings from keyrings, and a few metres of nylon string. I made a loop and tied it through the keyrings. I got two fishing swivels (the things that make the poi move in a circle) and attatched them to the nylon, then attatched the whole lot to the balls of fluff I'd made, cept you would tie them to the lightsticks. If you need a photo to see what I did just ask biggrin Hope that helped!

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oooh look you're both strangers!!

What are the sticks like? Do they have holes etc that you can loop a keyring/string through? If so it's pretty straight forward if they don't have any means of attaching anything to them you'll need some kind of cradle to hold them in place.

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Ahhh - I'm guess you mean the LED Glowsticky type things you can buy from the HoP shop?
(If I'm wrong, the rest of this post is redundant)

Mine actually came with string attached, so in theory you can just start using them straight away BUT they are a) VERY fragile and b) VERY light.

For starters I made a thick bubblewrap sleeve for them - I've used them without and they all have lost at least one colour, 1 has lost both bulbs (I got the 2 colour ones) - the bubblewrap takes the shock of impact away which means they should be a bit sturdier. The bubble wrap also slows them down some, but they are very light.

You could try putting them on the end of chains so there's more weight to them, or find a way to attach them to some "normal" poi.

But the main thing I'd emphasise is protect them with bubble wrap - all 4 of mine were at least partly broken within 3 weeks frown

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Mine were only a pound from Poundland like this one-

Non-Https Image Link

I'm going to buy some guy rope string from a camping shop and use the handles from Firetoys!

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