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Finally got myself a pair of Malcolm's really wicked "Wolf's Revenge" poi. biggrin The cable seems to swing a bit differently from the chains I normally use. Actually had quite a blast them until one of the poi wrapped around my right wrist and seared a bit of my skin (now I know what burning flesh smells like) eek . I love using the set though, and won't give it up. wink

Wearing a jumper while spinning isn't quite a luxury I have given that I live in an exceeedingly warm country. Would you guys know of anything else I might be able to try (at least until I stop hitting myself so often)? Are those fire-retardant car-racing arm thinggies or is it safer to brave the cords and stick to a standard shirt? confused

Thanks! biggrin

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Posted: sweet. hug

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I think those "guards" look massive. Im making some now :P TY Bender. But you shouldnt really need them, well i guess if your learning wraps you might, though you can wrap alot of places of your body that are just skin.

If you have proper modd'ed (modified) poi the only way youll get burnt is if the kevlar sits burning on your skin for longer than 3 sec. Which only ever happens when u mess up really bad.

I use chains (like thin dog chain) and they are far more resistant to fire than say cable (wire) The wire will burn straight into skin with no delay, that could be 1 of the reasons you were getting burnt. I have modded my heads so there is no metal sticking out from the kevlar, therefor only the chain can get me, and the chains are usually only warm.

My kevlar has also been modded, i dont have it bolted into the head because the bolts are metal. Metal and kevlar = OUCHY and scars! My kev is wired through the inside, with copper, and threaded inside the metal heads and twised/ knotted.

If you are going to do fire wraps i would recomend modding your set, they make a huge difference in your confidence, because your not wasting time worring about getting burnt...and that xtra time allows you to totally focus on what your doing. smile ubbangel And then you can wear your guards just to "look cool" ubblol wow

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I think it helps not to have to worry so much about burning during wraps if you have guards. That, and they do look super cool. wink

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You can buy kevlar sleeves at for 27.00 USD. I'm not sure how much for Europe or other areas but I know they do ship to other places. Here's a description they give of the sleeves they sell. They also have a pict of them on there web site.

Knit Kevlar Sleeves
Needing some extra protection for those wraps around your arms or a little something on your palms while holding palm torches or other cool new toys? These knit Kevlar sleeves are 17inches in length & doubled in thickness to help you get those wows! They are elastic, hold thier shape and position on your arms & can be died black or whatever colour your costumes are calling for.

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i don't do fire or any other wraps - but arm gaurds are a requirement for fire toys with the wicking very close to the handle - like swords.
also, if you wear them in the sun, you get funny tanlines!!

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