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Posted:Ok just recieved my ultimate performance poi's (which are perfect) but i find it really difficult to swing with the tails!So i keep them wrapped up into a ball and everythings fine but when i think everythings going well, i let them go, and *swish* they get caught again!!!Anyone else have this problem???

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Posted:xxxccess,I too origonally had the same problem (Mainly with the butterfly move)
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. I think it was just a matter of adjusting my timing better and technique. I am pretty sure they helped me swing better when I use other types of poi. I am sure you will get used to them really quickly
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They really look great when you have UV lights around. Happy swinging...Malcolm

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Posted:emmmm yeap i got a set of the UPP - i know exactly what you are talking about xxxcess, that's how i felt when i first used them...i have to admit that i don't like the way comets fly in general - tails sometimes limit you and you need extra effort to keep them going, so when you dance with them sometimes you need a lot of effort to make them go fast enough so that you are actually swinging in rhythm - i like the way glowsticks feel better but it depends on your style and music...having said that, tails do help a lot in some moves (eg btb weave) and are in the way in other moves...Malcolm is right, you'll get used to them soon and whether you chose to use them in your performances or when you practise is a matter of personal style and whether you like the way the feel and look... i feel that if they were a bit heavier they would fly better but that's just my opinion - i am sure there are people out there that love them
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...happy swinging,Simos[This message has been edited by Simos (edited 20 February 2001).]