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Anyone ever done more than one set of poi at a time. Couldn't find much to do with it but was quite cool


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Do a search for "4 poi" and you should find all you need beerchug

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download onewheeldaves latest poi video, he dose one handed butterfly with both hands in there at some point, which looks very lovely smile

loads of other crazyness in there too...

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i think that the secret to four poi (when doing double butterflies) is the start. it takes far too long starting from the ground or kick starting, but when you get a decent in-the-air one-handed butterfly start going you can progress to tricks with four poi quite quickly - like alternating or continuous over the heads.

it's also possible to spin six poi: you can lie down and do a butterfly in each hand and then spin a weave with a poi in each foot.

This_EnergyBRONZE Member
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I agree. i am a student of 2bags and have seen the awsomeness of 6 poi. im am working up to it. i can weave with my feet and do a butterfly in each hand but i cant piece the foot wevae and the 4 poi together. its so anooying!!!!!

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