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Posted:I'm sooooo happy... I've made myself my own comet poi, with yellow tennis balls, white string and white ribbons... I don't know how but this is the best poi I've ever had in my hands.. It's 80 cm long (about 3 ft) so I can spin with longer or shorter string and it flows so... so... perfectly : o) I've learned about 10 new combos since I've made them and am learning new and new ones.. lol... the only trouble is that it usually takes about 2-3 minutes to untangle them when they collide : o) but since they don't collide so often it doesn't matter much..

So much for my happyness outburst... Do you guys have or have had a poi that you think/thought was perfect..? Share the feeling.. ; o))

Smile.. It confuses people..:)

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Posted:every single time i refine my poi design i think they're perfect, until the next pair!

but i still have the first pair i ever made and they are my babies - i've never ade another set like them. ubblove

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Posted:ive got a pair of black socks, that i think are pretty perfect ubblove


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Posted:My perfect poi would probably be automatic poi.
Preferably the "Jedi" version.

No pain, no gain, I suppose wink

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Posted:I'm with oli on this one, my socks are the best by far. And like you I had them for one week and learned to to buzzsaw, hyperloop and other nonsense really thing is when they tangle you can just pull them free again in no time whatsoever. But my girlf says they're beige and look horrible and I should get some nice stripey ones like the guys in Brizzle but there's no way I'm tradin these babies in...uh-uh...not fo' no-body shamone.

*goes off to play with socks wearing a big grin*

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Posted:I love cones, like socks but non streach. biggrin

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Posted:My Stripy sock poi are pretty Great. and they dont stretch to much either. ubbrollsmile

All you have to do to get these magical non stretchy sock poi is go to a club night and when some bloke asks you to have a go say "yes".

Then this bloke then proceds to do a really fast weave, for about 10 minutes, stretching them beyond there elastic limit eek

Viola - one pair of non stretchy sock poi. biggrin

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for general practice purposes

I have some non stretch sock poi, like cones and i find these are the best all rounders,

the lack of elasticity means you develop a better and stronger isolation technique
and greatly facilitates hyoerloops and the acuray of wraps,

i cant do airloops with stretchy socks, but can bust em sweet with the cones,

cones rule


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