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Posted:Ok....big webpage to be finished by tomorrow for ICT. No prizes for people who guess what im making it about tongue biggrin . It would help me loads if some of you could just write me a little thing about you and poi and anything else you think is important. The page isnt going on line, but i just need some other peopel on it. 5 would be perfect. Ok this is what i need....



where you live

how long you have been doing poi

how you got into it

why you like it

And a photo would be brilliant but thats only if you wanna. If you dont want these posted on here. pm me the info. This would be a great help. Thanks!!!!


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Posted:name: pounce

age: 25

where you live: denver currently, but originally from las vegas and i'll be back there in about 5 months

how long you have been doing poi: ok that's a bit more difficult. the short answer...around 13 years. the long answer....i started doing clubs (no fire) 13 years ago. my sister did short flags in high school, i always loved it, so i wanted to learn. short flags, if you don't know, is like clubs but with flags attached. you still do the same moves with them. i practiced infrequently as no one else i knew did them, and at this point my sister had moved to another state. about 5 or 6 years later, i met a girl who did fire eating and fire breathing, she taught me, and i got into that whole bit. i wasn't actually aware of the whole poi community or the art really until about 3 years ago when i met a few stringers at raves. i started to pick that up, a couple of months later got a set of fire clubs and got more into fire breathing and eating and club spinning. i was still practicing poi but only with glow sticks, and eventually flags. i finally got my own set of fire poi and started spinning fire poi about a year ago.

how you got into it: see above

why you like it: i've met some of the most awesome people through poi, and for the most part, the community is one of the best things about it for me. most everyone is so accepting that you don't have to be great at it to still feel like you fit in. i love to dance, so i focus my spinning more on the dance side of it. i'm starting to get a little more into learning the technical side so i can improve my skills and increase my repertoire of moves, but the dance is still the most important part to me. it's a very spiritual and beautiful thing.

And a photo would be brilliant: some of my best fire photos are in my gallery on here (my favs are poi1 and poi2), but i have tons more, so just let me know how you want me to send them to you.

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Posted:name Marf!
age 20
where you live London at the mo
how long you have been doing poi 4 years - nowhere near as long as pounce!
how you got into it learnt off someone running a juggling stand at a festival and learnt 3 tb weave. It took me al day! then i went home and taught myself for about 2 years before moving to London and realising everyone already knew about it and they knew all the same moves i did!
why you like it physically it loosesn me up and relaxses me, mentally it helps me focus and have some time to think, socially i meet lots of great people, emotionally it gives me time off from the world, and basically it's fun!

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