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Posted: ok so my body has decided to act completely not normal. when i was in high school, i was 5'4" tall. i've never been one for exaggerating, so i know i was that height. last year some time i checked my height again, and i was 5'3" tall. i shrunk! and i know i wasn't wearing shoes that time when i measured myself. so today i went to the doctors and they checked my height.....5'2 1/2"!!!! i'm slowly shrinking!!!!! and i wasn't wearing shoes then either, so it can't be due to the shoes!

that's the other thing....i used to wear a size 7 (american) women's shoes. my feet have slowly gotten smaller to the point where i can now wear a 5.5 in some brands (yes i know, sometimes it depends on the brand....but i can't wear a 7 in any brand shoes anymore!).

and if that wasn't weird enough, my eyes have decided to act completely not normal as well. i have had poor vision since i was a kid (near-sighted). now the normal course is your eyesight tends to get worse or stays the same. over the past 4 years my eyesight has gotten better. and not just half a point or so. i have gone up almost 3 points in each eye!! my doctor didn't believe it when i went in for my annual. because i had moved, i saw a new doctor and he thought i was lying about my eyesight until i brought him my old records.

my body is weird.

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Posted:My boyfriend's eyes are like that. They're actually grey but they are like mirrors that reflect what he's wearing and his environment.

It's interesting. Especially since although I notice eyes, I never remember eye color.

-Mike )'(
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and there was me thinking it was unusual... : ubbcrying


any research been done on this mike?
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