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We've all heard the stories of people rushing in to say "thanks" in an intimate way when we have finished a spin, or people wanting to tip, or offer beer and food, etc. Getting stuff for what we do is this added bonus. I was wondering what is the weirdest or craziest thing you have ever gotten or had happen to you as a result of spinning?Mine happened just recently.....I performed some time ago at my friends wedding (fire eating/breathing/spinning). I went to this couple's house this past weekend and was handed a bunch of international coins and my friend (who is a smithy and makes swords) comes out with this incomplete short sword and starts asking me how I want it done. It seems that a person, who wished to remain anonymous, gave my friend a short sword to reconstruct for me. I had to pick from the coins and from some stones for the handle and hilt of the sword. The man instructed my friend to give me whatever coins I opted to not have on the sword that I may carry them for luck. All this because I spun at a wedding, and in truth I know who the person is by name but I never met or even once spoke with him! Strange aye?And never fear Mr. Mo, this is seconded by the collar (which I do love, it makes me smile whenever I even look at it!). As a result of this board I was also gifted an amazingly gorgeous leather bound book by a dear friend which has come to be one of my most cherrished possessions. Thank you
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What odd things have you been offered or received or had happen? ------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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I was given a rose, a kiss, then I was flashed. I must admit they were some of the most beautyfull breast I had ever seen. Also about 150 dollars. There was a box conveniently placed nearby in which people threw money into. I didn't even know this was happening untill I began to leave when a stranger walked up and said "Don't forget your money." Surprisingly I grabbed the box which was nearly overflowing with money.

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The best gift I've recived from spinning is friendship.

We are all in the cosmic movie. That means the day you die you watch your whole life repeating for eternity. So you'd better have some good things happen in there and have a fitting climax. --Jim MorrisonIt's going to come from a direction you didn't predict at a moment of chaos which you didn't see coming. -- NYC

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Well, I busk a lot, so they might be less of a gift than before.The largest tip I ever had was a US$100, which here in NZ is over $200 at the moment (pretty sad exchange rate). As with Jedimaster, I've been flashed many times too and had attempts to kiss me (I back off coz they will get al sooty), but it's not that great, would rather have the money
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My fiance, now, she's a different matter...The coolest thing I even got was this engraved zippo, that a dude at the Viaduct gave me coz he had no money. He may have been inspired by my ploy of asking people for a light (of course I have lighters on me) to get them more interested and build crowds faster. I showed him that I had lighters and tried to give it back but walked off saying "you deserve it man".And now the guy who owns the little tabocconists (spelling) near where i practice fills it up for free for me too. So as far as a cool gift, that has ended up as a free, unlimited lighter, it has to take the prize.------------------Charles

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As often when I read a new post I realize that it's related to something I've lived a few days ago... Does it happens to everybody here ????Let me tell you:Yesterday I was at a big free Reggae concert organized by the town. There I met a staff twirler and we agreed to start a burn.After onne minute of spinning a girl arrive and say it's cool. One minute again and the security don't find it cool at all. After arguing a bit with the security we stop and at this moment the previously mentionned girl just jump in my arms covering me with kisses
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My girlfriend was moderatly happy
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but I think it's an acceptable gift...Maybe better than money for me it's more satisfying to be covered with kisses than to ear a few buck like every working day of your life
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Dask Note on the security: there was fights everywhere and they spend 10 min to stop 2 innocent fire twirlers on an empty parking lot ??? Even cops let us spin in peace !!!![This message has been edited by dask (edited 24 August 2001).]


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The best gift I've gotten from people, Is respect. I've had a few girls chase after me cause they thought it was sexy but the thought of my girlfriend kept my legs moving faster and faster. Who knows what kind of gift they would have tried to give me, If you know what I mean.EricOther girls spinning though, Thats my Idea of sexy, something about a girl who twirls just makes your heart melt, and other things grow.

Its about talent, not make up or costumes.

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Waou, you all did get some good vibes. But hey, you did give a lot to the public in spinning beautifully too.the most beautiful present I got were smiles and the most beautiful word was a child asking me if I am a magician. Actually it happened again this summer with a mentally retarded guy whom I really "fell in love with" cause he was so sweet. he said "this is very colourfull, it is a toy for magicians like you".Myst, you are a poet
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But why is it that I have not so much received compliments from men as I did from women ? Maybe my spinning isn't that sexy ? or I have to switch to leather like Pele ?
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Shine onCassandra

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