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I quite enjoyed writing out contact staff moves over [Old link] so I thought Id have a go at some poi moves that are not in widespread circulation..enjoy.

if youve problems and are in London, print this off(itll make no sense if not cause Im making up names), go to see bams about the matrix(girls do it better than boys yknow), cole about the notcoleman5, and well, cole for any of the rest of them too ubblol

if you're not in london... then pm cole to make a video, or ask me for clarification and i'll try to do better...

the matrix

basic move: a four beat anticlockwise corkscrew (left hand leads)

when the left hand is about to lead up(i.e beat one of the up spiral)lean left so your first circle happens around your right armpit rather than above the head! open your arms out to full extension and slowly lean to the right so your last circle of the four is your right hand at your left armpit.

circle 1: left hand at right armpit

circle 2: right hand opening into extension

circle 3: left hand extension

circle 4: right hand at left armpit

this comes back in at the first beat of the down spiral in a basic 4bt.

the notcoleman 5

basic move: forwards five beat with wrists not touching

essentially the only difference to a normal 5 is that circle 3 comes inside into a buzzsaw

so the full ten, starting with the first circle on your right hand side coming out of a five on the left:

circle 1: right hand (wrists fully twisted up), starting to untwist wrists

circle 2: left hand continuing the untwist

circle 3: right hand buzzsaw

circle 4: left hand starting to twist the other way

circle 5: right hand finishes twist to fully twisted(hehe)

*pattern moves to left side*

circle 6: left hand, starting to untwist wrists

circle 7: right hand continuing the untwist

circle 8: left hand buzzsaw

circle 9: right hand starting to twist the other way

circle 10: left hand finishes twist to fully twisted

and so on.

now the only people I have seen do this are cole, dom and glass so it is entirely possible the explanation will only make sense to them ubblol

but I recommend you do it with shortish poi, and SLOWLY!!! and count. its important that you count

I particularly like the coleman 5 in reverse actually, but I think its easier to learn in forwards

slow double catch to airwrap release

basic move: a weave on the left side in wall plane

let the right hand poi wrap around your left arm and catch the head. at this point you can stop and just spin the left poi in the same place in front of you with the right poi looped around the other arm while you think about the next bit.. ubblol

stall the left poi pointing to your right. AT THE SAME TIME(!!!!) drop the loop of the right hand poi to about half way down the left poi string*(see note). when the left poi head comes back catch it in the left hand after just a revolution. the poi should now be looped round each other, with each hand holding its own poi. let go of them simultaneously, giving the right one a little push downwards and the left one a little push upwards and it should just pop out biggrin:

* Nb. at this point there are heaps of variations. go play.

weird shoulder stall

basic: just try this with one poi at first. its surprisingly tricky, but lovely, and has the potential to go in soooo many tricks. but Im a bit lazy so I am hoping others will come up with some tatsy variations that I can pinch wink

spin the poi in whichever hand you tend to favour (unless youre being bloody minded) vertically and so it comes up on the inside of your shoulder.

stall it just above your shoulder, move your shoulder underneath the stalled head, and let the poi release down on the outside.

obviously you can go from outside to inside too, but this is how I first worked this one out..

and a hint. watch dom ubblol

fake airwraps

not realy an airwrap. not really a fake airwrap either. but its the most basic thru-wrap and it gets ignored because sooo many others seem easier and slower

basic: reverse 3 bt weave in front of you.(this is where a quirk of mine kicks in. a lot of people will prefer to learn things forwards, I trend to learn them backwards first, especially airwraps and through wraps..).

it helps if you know the basic reverse 2-circle hyperloop for this. so a quick explanation for those who do. and then a longer one for those who dont

if you think about a reverse hyperloop from left to right, the right poi string pulls across the left poi string to get from your left side to your right yes?

instead of your right poi string, use your right wrist to chop across the left string. and then vice versa to move from right to left.

its really quick, shortens one poi string while keeping the other at full length, but only for 1 circle each.


the (slightly) longer version:

spin both poi in reverse but just by your sides in split time.

when the right poi is coming up move across to the other side, move your hand to the other side of the left poi, and as it comes down(so when the left poi is coming up) chop across the left string from left to right with your right hand, carrying both poi to the right side..

I hope that made sense.

if so try it from right to left.

Ill repeat what I said above:

its really quick, shortens one poi string while keeping the other at full length, but only for 1 circle each.

if youre feeling adventurous and you cant already, try using the right poi string instead of your wrist: and tadaa! you have a hyperloop!



I think Im done for this evening.

more to come.

and cole will you please do a vid of all these, cause I think it might be tricky for me to get to a camera soon




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i believe there's footage of BamBam doing the corkscrew in question on Smallboy's house party video.

Tho i may be in error...

EDIT - i am. i shot the footage, but cam didn't use it confused

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that hyperloop stall is cool as hell biggrin

one of the results of the harlow airwrap convention 2003 that was smile

really? and i thought i had invented it. poo frown

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have you found 'the other way' of it yet?


(ps spank for cole for not replying to middle of the night texts)

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The "slow double catch to airwrap release" is a very interesting move, leads to a lot of stuff. So far:

*Regular old airwrap release
*Buzzsaw airwrap release (Put tangled strings 180 degrees apart in buzzsaw position, let go, and IMMEDIATELY start isolating to keep looped)
*Corcscrew release (Turn your hands palm-side down, release, they will unwrap in to a corcscrew)

The whole "Stalling the poi while you get your loop halfway down the other chain" thing makes it easier, but isn't necessary. You can do it without any stalling once you have it down. Actually, an even more interesting way of getting in to it, but all together much harder, can make this a fire-friendly move. I'll explain:

Forget looping around the arm and sliding it to the chain. Why not just loop it on the chain in the first place? Spinning a wallplane weave (fountain, basically) start an airwrap halfway down your chains. If you spin clockwise like I do, open your right hand palm side up and left hand palm side down (reverse these directions if you spin counterclockwise). The poi, if done right, should plop right in to your hands. If you don't hold them too long you can do this with fire. Very quickly release in the opposite direction to un-loop, or do the corcscrew/buzzsaw business I mentioned earlier. Tricky stuff, looks much cleaner than looping, stalling and grabbing, and makes people say "...what the hell?" which is the only reason why anyone spins poi. Ever.

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i can't believe i've only just found your move threads senor gato azure. good work. claps'got me thinking, which i need to try and do more often... umm

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Thought I'd *bump* this, as there are some really fun moves explained in this thread...

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This is a post by tom, all spelling is deleberate
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Bluecat, when you talk about "extension" in the matrix, is that upward extension to do the bit of the corkscrew above your head, or horizontal extension?

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its a horizontal extension...


I've just read Dubs status


i might try some more bits of fun next week biggrin

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