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Posted:So then, I've been playing around with switching from one plane to another without the poi swinging 'out' all over the place. I've been 'braking planes' for a while now but it was only last night that I finally Realised the Possibilities.

I've heard Arashi talk about this as 'Trinity' ~ Instead of turning around 180 degrees, you turn 120 degrees increments. So, when you turn 3 times 120, you end up facing the same way as you started but the poi will be spinning in the opposite direction. The thing with this kind of stuff is that you need to have absolute control over the poi, if you do it badly, then it looks really bad.

But there are a lot of interesting possibilities. I prefer to rotate the poi planes through 90 degrees. If you got 1 poi in your right hand, [spinning Inwards like a butterfly, Z-plane]. As the poi comes up to 3 o'clock (exactly 3 o'clock smile) you can change the plane of rotation to a Backwards [Weave plane, Y-Plane] by extending your arm out towards 3 o'clock.

Be mindful of where the Tangents are to your circular planes and most importantly ~ the exact point at which the tangent of 1 plane meets the tangent of the 90 degree plane

Example of use: Try doing inwards butterfly [I call this Z-plane], then switch one poi so that it is going backwards [in the weave plane, Y-plane]. Then get it back into your BF pattern. Repeat with the other hand.

But what does it all mean? Well when you get the hang of turning like this, you will love it, you can also do every move you already know in this style, which means we've all got plenty to practice.


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Posted:Written by: bez

this planes thing...

has anyone else experimented with changing a buzzsaw hyperloop in the horizontal plane into a bf hyperloop in the vertical plane (or, of course, vice versa)?

Yeah I do something similar I think. I can move my buttefly hyperloop from vertical into buzzsaw horizontal hyperloop and then back into the buttefly again. It looks really nice and as they're basically the same thing anyway it's dead easy smile

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Posted:I think I get these original things from page one, haven't played with them yet - only in my brain smile

I really want to get back into poi... can't seem to find any moves I like at the moment, am enjoying Contact Juggling way too much biggrin

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Posted:Good idea smile I'll try smile

Hey Mr. Durbs what about Contact Poi moves smile ?



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Posted:Written by: spiralx

In between floor and ceiling would be the front wall plane if your planes are 120 apart smile

confused ubbidea

Eureka! Corkscrew trinity here I come...

peace ubblove biggrin

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