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Location: ohio

Hello everyone, I'm Jason from Portsmouth, ohio. I recently witnessed a Poi performance at an outdoor festival and was so incredibily moved that I have decided to learn the art myself. I have a few questions that I'd deeply appreciate a responce to. I'm very eager to get started.

1. Is there anyone in the southern ohio, northern kentucky, or western west virginia area willing to help me out with lessons or just conversation? I'd be willing to pay, or at least pick you up and show you a good time for your generousity. Showing a good time is one of my specialties *sinister grin*

2. The performance I saw was done by this monster of a man who was using some really heavy-weight fire poi. I picked them up after his show and they had to weigh 40 or 50 pounds a piece. Upon further research I've noticed a vast array of weights for fire poi, generated by both the chain and the wick. My question is, what are the pros/cons of heavy/light poi? I think I'd like to go heavy, simply because it'd be a good workout, but I'm more concerned with the art and don't want to hinder my ability to express that art. any advice here would be a godsend.

3. I know I'm putting my horse before the cart here, but I'm just trying to get informed as possible, but.... eventually I'd like a green flame if possible. I've read that boric acid or copper cloride dissolved in ethanol will produce a blue/green flame with decent results. I'd like a pure green flame if possible. Safety, of course, is the first concern, the second being availability and cost. again, any info would be super cool.

I'm just getting started with fire poi, but I'm researching and reading my behind off. I'm soaking everything in like a sponge because the art strikes such a chord within my soul. All of the videos I've seen on DVD and downloaded have really inspired me (that Sage lass from Texas is the whip, what she does is insane!) If any of the veterans of Poi are out there to offer any advice, comments and/or suggestions I'd really appreciate it. thank you for your time.


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someone will be along shortly to move this thread to introductions

Poi hurts, start light, move to heavy. I spin heavy chains/wicks now, but i would have been on crutches if i used them to begin with.

The other points in your post have been discussed previously at length. If you use the search function then you'll have bedtime reading for months on the subject.

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hey jason,

all you need to know can be found in various locations on this board.

i dont think this thread should be moved either, its kewl.

People in your area can be found via the meet others section, just type in your location and it will pull up a list of registered users in your area, feel free to contat them.

there are numerous weight discussions on poi, a simple search on the subject will pull them all up, and the same goes for the chemical discussions, there is a boric acid thread running right now, feel free to ask and contribute there on both matters.

well welcome to HoP, i am trait, hope that we all can help you in your quest!


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9 posts
Location: ohio

thanks you guys, sorry for newbie forum mistake. i've never really used a forum before, but then i've never had something i wanted to talk about so badly.

again thanks a bunch. doing searches now.


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I sincerely doubt his poi were 40 pounds each... you wouldn't be able to spin them in a circle, let alone give a fire performance with 'em

The weight of the poi usually isn't the limiting factor, it's the size and style of head. Tube core, Cathedral, Accordian, and Monkey Fist are all types of heads you'll come across when making your first purchase, with the two most common and popular being Tube Core and Cathedral. I personally use Tube Core, only because I like the shape of them, and the burn times are long enough I have no reason to use cathedrals. I'd suggest 4" Tube Cores, but that's just me, and others have valid points as to why to use something else, or at least why not to use tube cores.

As for the color of your flame, that's a bit tricky - For you to be able to mix in color changing chemicals, the fuel you are using needs to be polar, a crazy chemistry term that wouldn't be beneficial for your to understand. Most everyone just sticks with whatever color flame it happens to be when you light it on fire - colored flames are fun for the novelty, but can leave nasty residue on your wicks and in the long run tends to be too costly to do regularly.

The chain materials as well as pre made chains at the Home of Poi shop are all quite good, I personally recommend 13 gauge stainless steel chains with double finger loops. (,555)

As for length, I'd recommend getting longer than you think you'll need and cutting it down to the size you want (Just look it around your hand and spin until it feels the right length, and cut the ballchain with some pliars).

Have fun, good luck, master the moves listed on this website, and then get creative

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