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I'm trying to find a nice acrylic contact ball about 2.75-3", as cheap as possible (my little brother wants to start learning, but doesn't want to pay 25 to trash it if he doesn't have to). Am I being overly optimistic?

So far Renegade is in the lead, but want $10 for shipping! Ouch!

Found a similar ball at Jac Juggling (84mm, odd size...but hey) for 13, but it's polyester, not acrylic.

Are polyester balls any good? Does anyone know a really cheap place to get acrylic?

Any help much appreciated

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just get a pretty solid juggling ball, or an orange for that matter.

Anything that's solid, smooth, round and heavier than air should be ok

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If there's a juggling suppliers nearby any medium or large 'stage ball' will work well for contact.

Acrylic balls look good but have the disadvantage of being easily scratched when dropped.

I've personally never tried a rubber dog ball, but other people have recomended them as a budget option.

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Ive used rubber dog balls, make sure they are really dense and unbouncy as possible, the bouncy ones will bounce off your hand if you have a rought technique (I guess this would help you to smooth out your technique)

Lacross balls are also really good, as are wooden balls you can easily find at craft stores.

Personally I find heavier balls better for learning but not everyones the same.

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Thanks for the ideas guys!

However, I think he's got his heart set on an acrylic now everyone's a sucker for a new, shiny toy i guess!

The optimist claims that we are living in the best of all possible worlds.
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The differences between acrylic and polycarb' are few and far between. Acrylic is slightly stonger (although both scratch fairly easily, it's much harder to chip an acrylic) and are "clearer". Polycarbs have a blue-y tinge to them if you place them on a white surface and also go a (rather funky if you ask me) cloudy colour under a UV light, whereas acrylic stay clear (which isn't great in a club).

If he's really learning, from absolute beginner - get 2 balls; a cheap juggling ball to practice the tricky stuff (butterflies, arm rolls etc.) and an acrylic/polycarb' to practice the isolations.

I'd also issue him a warning:
No matter how much he loves and looks after his acrylic - it WILL get scratched, and it'll be a sad day when it happens, but believe me - it will.
On the plus side, this gives you an excuse to buy a second and thus have a "practice" ball and a "performance" ball, and you can start on 2 ball stuff.

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I agree completely with Durbs, a contact ball will get scratched, it's only a matter of time.

I think this is a good thing though.
Once a ball has it's first scratch, it makes people much more likely to try new things with it - it doesn't matter so much if it gets scratched again.
At least that's what I found when I scratched mine

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Ikea sell the perfect set of budget juggling balls for about 1.50. Cool

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