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ok... i've searched, and I've searched again, and although i know there has been a post about photographing poi before i can't find it! please don't shout ooooops

the thing is, some rather snazzy glowstick photos have been turning up on the scrolling gallery thing with very high definition of colours. But I have never managed to get that sort of definition with my photos. I use a digital camera, a Nikon (soon to be a coolpix 3200) which is generally pretty good for fire but not glowsticks, i can usually only just make out faint lines of the colour - that don't reflect the actual brightness of the glowsticks..... How do people get those photos?

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get ultra glowsticks or use LED's

or photograph them right after you crack them...they are the brightest the first minute or two after cracking them.

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*shrugs - Check my gallery and/or icon.

Those are led glowsticks.

I just turn off flash and lower the shutter speed. Normally works. I use sony btw.

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Could also be that maybe you spin too fast? Keep in mind that the faster you spin, the dimmer the trails in the pics will be.

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I can photo most glow poi and fire but I've always had loads of problems with glowsticks. Regardless of them being freshly-snapped, they never come out well. Same goes for the LEDs they sell here on HoP. However fast they're spun, however long a shutter speed they need amazing amounts of photoshopping before they are even visible, by which time the rest of the image is so shoddy the whole thing looks crap.

Shame really, but I do use a very cheap camera.

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all the digital cameras i have can't catch my glowstick poi at all, i'm thinking of buying some color film for my REAL camera, but then i would either have to have someone else take the photo, and no one i know can do it right, or i would have to photo someone doing it, and no one else i know can do it right.


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from my experiances a 35mm camra works fine, my buddy was workin with pics of glowstick poi for his photography class and everything was turning out pretty clear, just make sure no flash and are in a decently dark area. but yes leds will come out alot clearer and personally i like leds alot more.....despite the damage i do to myself with them hehe.

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Written by: grasshoppah

get ultra glowsticks or use LED's

or photograph them right after you crack them...they are the brightest the first minute or two after cracking them.

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With your widest appature 2 or 3 and shortest lense length so that you get the most light into that lense as possible, keep in mind that a glow stick can bearly be used for a light to read by so you will have to slow down your spins for maximum exposure.

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