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I've heard rumours of people doing double meteors and was wondering if anyone fancied sharing their experiences?

It's not something I've tried much in the past, apart from a brief stint doing double butterflies years back.

But since I've recently got the hang of basic double staff moves I thought I'd try it out.

Tonights effort showed promise, and also the potential for injury!

Mainly I'm wondering if anyone has got to the point where they can do doubles smoothly; also any tips.

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I've used them before... Made a set about 5 months after i started poi, had no idea what they were called at the time, but they were really difficult, and i was not that good with poi yet, so i dismantled them...

the few effects i got where pretty cool, and they wowed the spectators at the time, but they got a bit boring...

Written by: note to self

remake double meteors

neone else with any experience?
Dave, did you have any luck with trying them?

Regards hug

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afraid not
my meteor work has all been based around getting the moves i have smoother and more proficient, that and working on the sucess rate of my throws currently at about 70% or so.
as for trying new things, dont want to for the time being as im happy with the progress i am making and it is progress that needs to be made.(steadiness with left hand, all moves with right transferrable to left etc)
one new one is a right to left to right to left to infinity pass behind the back which sort of happened organically

Dave did you get the name of the chap from leeds who had the two mini-meteors with areotechs in at that meet in sheffield that time?????
he is the only person i have ever seen try it at all.

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and T&B's been playing with 'em lately as well i hear... smile

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I've been messing around with 4 poi weaving late last year, but haven't got back to it for a while, as it's damned technical smile .. and I'm missing my 2nd pair of socks frown
I can't do any one-handed BF (never worked it redface) but I've tried what I do with one-handed weaving:
- wall-plane split time high & low turn: really tuff as one needs to keep the traling poi(s) isolated in a snake-like motion
haven't tried side-plane flower motion, but that one must be wicked
- trailed poi(s) thru-warping on bicept/armpit
- one-handed hyperloop (twist): if you can do this one with both hand, then I found it the easiest to start handling 4 poi & turn around ubbrollsmile
- one hand goes BTL ubbloco

need to find who has borrowed my spare pair of socks to get back to this thread

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I've seen video clips of 2-bags doing some basic double hand roll moves but that's all I know of.

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I saw a guy at a free party in Kent UK doing sweet double meteors. He couldnt move around quite as fast as a double staffer, but he certainly could do many of the same moves. He used short meteors (about 1.3 metres). some of the London crew were there (Cole, Fairie Ben, Glass, Bammers) and more they may have known him?

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Double meteors is interesting and definitely possible. My sets unfortunately got "lost" in Frankfurt frown

My recommendation is to first get really really confident with 2 beat different directions in order to get a feeling for the control - otherwise it will be very painful to learn :P
Mr. OWD - Looking forward to exchange experiences quite soon - hope you have some time in July :]


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Euan who runs Spitz does double sock meteors pretty much exclusively- Hes been doing them for ages and is great to watch, though sadly I can't really share any actually spinning tips smile

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I recommend that you make the meteor shorter than your arms span, because if your doing pinwheels (vertical plane) then you don't want them to hit the ground...

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0range energies all
hiya Dave [1WD] & Pyrolific .. reckon it was me doing the double meteors at that freeparty wi Josie Ben Jonny Cole BChristopher n all'eths

tricks further with meteors are.. when you begin to realise that instead of both being counted on one hand then the other ie...

left hand leading edge, left hand trailing edge, right hand leading edge right hand trailing edge..

you can do it crossed ie..

left hand leading edge, right hand leading edge, left hand trailing edge, right hand trailing edge..

easy to picture if all stay staff straight ie 180degrees 0mins!!!

well ta to Dave[0WD] and Hyperloop Hoops for tickling my hop curiosity bone ...with news that old peeps were back on :*)>~

Rich 0range ...Sheffield U.K.

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The link above is to Chris "Rovo" Bailey and his video of meteor. Towards the end he goes into double meteor and weaving.

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