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Posted:Hey,I'm sure there's probably a more appropriate place for me to post this question, but i'm kinda tired and don't have the energy or patience to search for it, so sorry.Anyway, recently i'd been practicing/teaching myself a bunch of types of wrist wraps, and i've become quite fond of them. Tonight i tried them w/ the first time w/ fire, forgeting how hot the chains get. Are there any suggestions people have for arm protection of any sort? any place i good buy somethin cheap? how to make somethin?thanks,max


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Posted:Not a wrap person,But the first thing that strikes me is wear a long sleeved cotton/natural fibre shirt. Your arms will still be able to move, but it should give you some protection. R.

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Posted:Just an idea: If you look at old medieval movies they have leather wrist guards. That sounds like it would work. No idea how to find or make them. ------------------ -M@TTKeep the fire burning.

-M@TTKeep the fire burning.


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Posted:yeah.. also have you ever seen those fore-arm guards that archers where? There are fairly cheap and made out of hard leather.. i bet you could find other material too. If you modify them a but you could prob have some pretty fancy wrist protection.Good luck
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I dreamt that I ate a 10 pound marshmellow and then when I woke up, my pillow was gone!



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Posted:Im not too big into wraps, and havent actually tried them with fire. but I have seen many people do bareskin wraps. maybe you could use smaller wicks. a fuel that burns at a lower temp. It just seems silly to me, to wear all kind of protecting gear when so many people dont have the need for it. Did you actually get burned, or was it uncomfortable? did you throw one or two wraps into a session, or did you have asession of wraps? point for good measure.

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