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Posted:Hello, this thread is for anyone who is interested in spinning and lives in the Washington, DC or Baltimore areas. I recently went to a large music gather at the armory and found about 10 or so decent spinners in this area and managed to not get one single #, mostly because of the whole "I need to get you # before you leave, you'll see me around here, come find me later" thing many of us party kids know so well. Most of these kids said they checked this site out regularly so... I'm really trying to organize a group to spin fire at the next ultraworld event this spring, so we don't have to watch those cheesy people in the neon get-ups act like retards on the main stage for the next big party. Maybe I shouldn't mock them as they to are performing artists, though I really didn't see any special skills that have been developed, just flashy outfits, blech! And who knows if the right people see us maybe we can get on tour. So I'f you're out there and looking at this thread write me at or IM me at cmsnr grdnthanks,nikmy appologies to the operators if this thread is rude, but i NEED to find other spinners in the area, and there just arent any registered or listed in the find people section.------------------Hey chick, watch slick Nik flick sick tricks with glow sticks and burning wicks real quick!...;) (IM:cmsnr grdn)

Hey chicky chick, check slick Nik flick sick tricks with glow sticks and lit wicks real quick!...;) (IM:cmsnr grdn)

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