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Posted:I was wondering how many of you guys started out with juggling or some other object manipulation before you learned to spin. Or if you started with spinning and have since branched out. I started with toss juggling, them played with devil sticks and spent a long time on contactjuggling(sooo hard).Of all of them I think that I can feel most entranced by poi. Something about the planes of the poi creating a shield between me and the rest of the world. I guess what I am saying is that I got into spinning poi just because it was there now I am hooked.[This message has been edited by sphere27 (edited 30 July 2001).][This message has been edited by sphere27 (edited 30 July 2001).]

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Posted:hey SphereI picked my first set of poi in April this year ...and went on to fire two months later completely and totally hooked ....but I really wanna get into flags as well....I saw Dangerboy twirl flags for the first time last month...he makes it look so gracefull. I tried juggling but I totally sucked at it ...guess no rhythm for it at all hehe Keep it realEs


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Posted:I first learned how to toss juggle about 3 years ago. by going to a juggling club I got into Diabolo, devilsticks (a bit), and contact juggling (needs LOTS of practice), then saw the poi first about 2 years ago. I started playing around with poi last summer sometime. since I saw this site, I've been interested in staff spinning and have learned a bit in the last couple months.I'm most into the toss juggling, because that is what I do most (both as a performer and just for fun) and am best at, but I enjoy spinning staff and Poi. I consider all the stuff I do as juggling (even poi and staff... and contact juggling if you want to get into that argument), but that may be a different discussion completely.



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Posted:I actually started out juggling about 7 years ago. Juggling remains my main focus when I practice. I do ball juggling, club juggling, ring juggling, contact juggling, devil sticks, diabolos, footbag, yo-yos, and as far as swinging is concerned I use clubs, poi, staff, glowsticks, torches, and firepoi. I just picked up poi a few months ago, probably around april, although I have been club swinging for a little over a year. I like to do each of them equally because there are many moves that are unique to each prop. I've found that I like to do all of these things because it seems that learning a new prop or style or whatnot will many times improve what at first seems a totally unrelated area of my juggling or swinging. I also like using all these props because a trick with one prop many times gives me an idea for a new way to use or implement another prop. I always try to look for similarities between them, and its uncanny I think how many there are. I'd encourage anyone here to at least try juggling a few times.




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Posted:I've heard quite a few people here mentioning yo-yo's. I used to be into them when I was a kid and got almost good. I found them a bit limiting. For those who yo, how would you compare them to poi? Can you flow? Can it be pretty? I've seen the classic yo-yo-ers and have been a bit impressed but am wondering if it is worth reexamining. I guess the cool thing is, if you mess up with two yoyos, you've got poi!

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