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colmcolmPorn Appreciator
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Literaly. This happened yesterday. Making hyperloops easy for me was all in the kind of poi I was using.

I started to learn this with typical 'comet poi'
i.e thin strings (picture cord usually) and light heads with tails that slowed their travel.

Bad, bad, bad for doing hyperloops. The heads were too light have to be constantly pushed to keep up their momentum. The strings were so thin that it required extremely precise placing of the tangle to even pull off a half assed hyperpoop. (the only word for what I was doing). Finally the were too smooth and didn't grip eachother at the tangle when I pulled on the stings. When you start to nail these hyperloops you'll know what I mean.

I've been trying different things and finally it was the most simple solution that solved the problem. SOCK POI. I used long sports socks(almost knee length) and nice heavy heads (rubber balls), about twice as heavy as a tennis ball. One tight knot just above the ball to keep it pushed down the end and another knot at the top of the sock to hold on to. Just swing like mad for a while to stretch the material a little and voila, my favourite poi after two years of swinging.

Advantages, nice thick grippy 'string', heads keep momentum without bother and you can make new ones in one minute, literally.

It took me two months with the other poi to learn one hyperloop. Yesterday I learned four new one s in an hour. Joy.

Don't ever buy crappy poi again!!!!!

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SpinnerSpinnerBRONZE Member
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That advice is great! Thanks smile

tadpoleGOLD Member
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Agreed, that DanTutorial vid is excellent, it's been keeping me busy for ages...
I almost have basic hyperloops, using tennis balls on string, they seem to work half the time, and then suddenly stop working, for no reason I can see, so I think I will try sock poi. Once the principle of hyperloops is learned with sock poi, how easy is it to convert that to fire poi? - I don't want to bother with socks if it turns out that I then have to relearn it all anyway with chains.


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Xopher (aka Mr. Clean)enthusiast
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OK, I'm only seeing an abstract pattern when I play the "video." Is this because XP Is Stupid, or is something else wrong?

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kkk kk kk!! hyperloop with glowsticks is impossible!
int he vid from techno turtles they endlessly spin these thyperfloops in perfect circles with perfect momentum. A GLOWTCISK WEIGHS NOTHING! how do they do it! eek
oh and for anyone whos seen the techno turtles video's what is that move they do that looks like an orb, they do it in the fire vid as well which meens it can be done with poi, as if the poi head would jsut spin at very high speeds... doenst make sense mad2

it must be green

DuncDuncGOLD Member
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orb? explain more please smile

Let's relight this forum ubblove

MolochMolochSILVER Member
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Are hyperloops orbitals then? Where you bring the strings across and pull, making the two heads revolve around each other really fast? Cause if so, The're called orbitals in the rave scene and I'm starting to really get the hang of them. You guys ever reverse them and make the travel around your whole body, 360 degrees? It looks wondrous, just need some more practice and soon I will have and orbiting orbital smile


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