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So I have been playing with meteor for a few months now, and no one in my town spins meteor (that I know or have seen) so I am on my own techniques-wise.

I am currently spinning 7 feet of 1/4 inch aircraft cable with weighted tennis balls on either end. I bought "The Meteor Book" but I'm having problems, with no one to turn to.

Namely, my meteor folds up when I start doing helicopter style spins or trying to do the one-handed figure 8, or the windmill (tilting the helicopter down onto the vertical plane)...

The problem is that I am rather small and slight (5 ft 105 lb woman) and I dont have the arm or wrist strength to spin heavy-weighted meteor ends. I am wondering if my folding in half problem (which turns into one-handed poi tricks right fast) is due to me not having enough weight on the ends of my cable, to create the tension that makes it perform staff-like tricks.

I tried adding more weight to the tennis balls, but then it tweaked out my wrists when I did poi-style moves...

Any ideas anyone??? How heavy a weight should I use on the ends of a meteor to really get it to behave like a staff??

Also, Im trying to think of a way to attach poi-handles (double loop variety) to my meteor so I can have handles for poi-moves and not have accidental releases..

Thanks, any ideas would be much appreciated!!!

PS. Anyone going to Burningman this year who spins meteor???? Lets talk!

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i've never read that book. but aircraft cable? that seems foolish. so thin! thicker means easier to hold, so you won't need the loops. i think it woul;d help to have some thickness so you have more of a staff feel, just my opinion i suppose.
i just went and bought a length of about 25-30 mm ( 1" - 1.25" ) of soft nylon rope. then i tie a monkey fist knot (try a search, they seem hard but they're not really) on each end, and it works great. you can adjust the weight of the ends by adding more loops in the monkey fist, but you'll need more rope, so practice with the knot before you cut your rope length.
my meteors are short, i would say you should try going shorter since your are petite. they will be lighter also. mine come up to my chin.
yes, i go to burning man, in fact we HOP-pers get together at "the man" on the tuesday before the burn at dusk. oops gotta go i'll be back.

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Hmmm, sounds good, do you use a weight inside your monkey-fist knot ends, or does the weight of the knot alone suffice??

I was trying aircraft cable cause it seemed more fire-proof (this is my prototype fire setup) and I'm afraid nylon rope would melt on a fire set...I have heard about pro made meteors that use aircraft cable, but the thicker cable (more than 1/4 inch) seems too stiff to do poi moves with any flexibility.

Does anyone out there have a pair of fire-meteors made with...rope,chain, cable??? what thickness does one use??

I saw a guy at Burningman last year with cable that appeared to be about 1/2inch thick on his fire set...or I guess I could double up 1/2 inch cable to get one inch and wrap it in tape....hmmmmm

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there is a thread in the other toys section that would really help you talks about a lot of the problems you are having...but a quick note, when you're doing the figure eight stuff don't hold the rope in the'll fold up less if you hold it off center

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