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Posted:I was playing around a bit tonite with my meteor...which I hadn't picked up in ages. I took off one of the wicks and started flinging it around like a *really* long poi (over 4 feet long). What I ended up doing is consistantly snake dancing (very similar to belly dancing) and doing dancing turns and such, gauging narrow misses...that is where the chain almost hit me but didn't in the turns, and wrapping, unwrapping, "tangling" the chain around my arms and wrists, switching the grip to the opposite hand and undoing the "tangle" and such. Drop knee dance moves looked really neat with my arms fully up and the wick encircling my body (like a lasso would). Also wrap/ release/ throws were cool. I thwaped myself once in the nose when the chain wrap got stuck in my hair. Slow songs work well for this. My friends enjoyed it when I danced to Peter Gabriel and Massive Attack's "Games Without Frontiers". It was cool kind of a poi/wrap/trailing/bandage thing...need a smoother chain though.
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Posted:wow - cool!i've been wondering about that myself; now i HAVE to try!