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Does anyone know how to use one or. play with one anyway?

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I began studying this weekend. Rhys Thomas' book (available on this site) is a valuable (and perhaps the only) instructional tool. I have found no instructional web sites.After some intense practice, I love meteors already. You can translate all of the poi moves easily to meteors. To experiment with moves unique to metors, begin by learning how to do a "helicopter" above your head, similar to the staff move.

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Meteors are fun. Gotta be really careful with em though, i just smacked myself in the shin with one and that was no fun!
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Human salvation lies in the hands of the creatively maladjusted - Martin Luther King Jr.

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Yeah I've been playing with on for the last two years and I've got to tell you at first its on of the most awkward flow toys around but once you get the beat it can become a flow toy unlike any other.

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