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ive been experimenting with thread the needle and its variations, such as behind the head and behind the back. i can do a simple between my legs move to link them, but is there anyway to just constantly move thru my legs ? and ive heard about a 7beat that doesnt involve any wrapping... how?

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Hi Dementia,

there are two other threads on this very subject that are in very close proximity. Do we really need another to confuse things.

I know they are 4 and 6 beat threads but more is going on in them.

I too have the same thoughs and questions about a ttn with more than 4 beats by the way and would love help too.

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I once saw this guy do a bf infront of him. He then stepped over it with one leg so that it was then behind him and btl. He then stepped over it with his other leg, tuning another 180 so that it was once again infront of him.

I can't do that so this is all the help I can give.

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Tempest, I got your msg, dont sweat it. i just hadnt had a chance to write back on this one. Ive figured out the 4beat thread both forwards and backwards in front. I can do the regular thread behind my head, but not behind my back or between my legs yet. ive seen someone step through the thread the needle and go to their back and thread behind them which i thought was amazing, and thats what i was asking about. what i meant in the other part of titling this Topic was more than 5 beats in the normal weave. i can do a 5 beat weave and i want to do more than 5 but i dont understand all this business about Elbows and such.

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