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Location: Bergen , Norway

Hi people....I have two questions for you all........and maybe you guys
can give me something to do this holyday, beside for the eating, the sleeping
and the everlasting Christmas piss up....

1. Does anyone know any moves where you throw the pois up in the air
and catch them again? I'm working on 'one handed weaves' so I started
thinking that if they tangle it should be possible to throw them up
(maybe from Behind the back)....a couple of pointers would be nice....

2. I know the 5 beat weaves (working on the BTB ones) and read here at HOP about
the 7 and 9 beat ones....but my arms don't seem to be built for those moves..
so do I have to know em? cause when i learned the 5 beat ones it opened up
some new ways to do will the same happen if I learn the 7 beat ones
or is it just two more beats?
Know this can seem like a silly question but i have never seen a 7 beat done before...

Merry Christmas and all from Jack (twirling alone in Norw

I like Fire.. :)

.Morph..Morph.SILVER Member
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Location: Lancashire, UK

Hi Jackelero

I don't do throws myself, but balancing the wieght of your poi would help you to control the throw. Try the search function near the top of the page, there's been a few posts of throws.

As for 7 & 9 bt weaves you either need to be ridiculously supple, or wrap the chains to add the extra beats.

Happy Hols

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Location: Bergen , Norway

happy holydays to you to FireMorph ..
but what I'd like to know is'nt how many beats you can have in a weave (know about wrapping the strings) but how the hands are moving in a 7 or 9 beat weave....and if thats leading to some move i dont know about or is a nice way to get to .....well.....thats what i want to know...
because if it's only 2 more beats then I won't learn it right away, but if it have another purpose, then I'll try harder....

I like Fire.. :)

vain-ego pkvain-ego pkBRONZE Member
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offset weaves and the 7 beat no wrap.
i decided to make this in its own thread.
i hope this helps you with 1 question.
as for the throw and catches all i can sugest here is to play with what moves you can do one handed and release one poi, wight your poi at each end.
baseman used to do moves like this. see homeofpoi's circles of light 2 video, availiable in the shop here if you havnt allready got it.

colemancolemanSILVER Member
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hey jack.

i have seen a few people pull off the 7-beat with no wrap. i have never seen anyone manage a 9-beat.

it seems to me that the arm positions required for these weaves very much restricts the number of places you can use them.
whereas the 5-beat is a crossing of the wrists which leaves the elbows and shoulders free to move, the weaves above 5-beat take away the freedom of movement (of at least one) of your arms.

by no means am i saying these moves are pointless but like you said yourself, it may not be worth spending lots of time learning them right now as the number of new possibilities they open up are fairly small.

lastly i just wanna say i can't do anything above a 5-beat myself. maybe someone who can do arm twisting weaves would disagree with me but i can only tell you what i've seen

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