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Posted:Hi everyone!I've been spinning Poi for 4 months now and this is my first post to this list.I own a pair of Zuni poi and tried to spin glow sticks with them in a club. If anybody has ever done this: do you clip the sticks to the weight and wrap up the trails? Or do you detach the weight and trails and just clip the sticks to the strings? I thought the first option was too heavy and the second one too light.... Thanks for any tips.

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Posted:Yo Nomad. I don't really know what kind of poi you have but heres what I do. Whenever I use glow sticks I simply attach them to the botom of my fire chains. This means that nothing (ie the tails) gets in the way of the glow stick and the poi are alot more heavy due to the chains.My advise get some fire chains or just but some dog leads and clip them on the bottom of that. Hope this helps.peace outgarbo
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Posted:hey Nomad - i haven't tried Zuni poi yet, but my advise would be this - detach the weight and the tails and clip 2 glowsticks onto each poi - they are brighter too this way (use a key ring if necessary) - alternatively use one glowstick and something else for a weight, like a key ring or something to add to the weight!Simos


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