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Posted:I was playing around with this infront of a window and in theory it should work...I was inspired by my new fondness of contact juggling and Glass's "Contact Staff"Basically the idea is to keep the circle of fire going in the same plane and size etc and then you move round it. If done properly it should look weird as you'd be moving around the circle in various ways.My brief experiments showed that you can do a weave on one side and then sort of skip round for the second side, thus keeping the circle still. Also, you can incorporate windmills and such like...Any thoughts?------------------http://www.hugbubble.co.uk - My Homepagehttp://www.hugbubble.co.uk/HOP.html - The Mug Shot Galleryhttp://communities.msn.com/PoiStaffandallthingsfirey - MSN CommunityWords to memerise, words hypnotise, words make my mouth exercise.

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Posted:nice idea durbs..would work nice with butterflies...wouldnt you say? weaves no because you would have to move them travelling on the same plane so to say........see what others come up with?PKhttp://uk.geocities.com/poi_in_the_park_sheffield/contents.htm


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Posted:Kinda like the one handed btb butterfly pass?

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Posted:I totally know what you mean, having fallen in love with contact juggling a while ago too (though I still suck at it
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)What I do is when one of my wicks go out and only one left is burning, I start to play around it as if it was some fire fairie... does it make sense ?it is quite fun anyway. gotta work on your idea too.... yummy ... more to play with
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