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bouncy 1 post
Location: birmingham england

hey all!!!im a british traveller and fire twirler!! im trying to get a meet up with some other people in Melbourne, and have a laugh and a bit of a burn.!!i use Poi and single staff although i probably need to practise more!!get in touch if your out there!linda x------------------i got the bug.. that naughty little bug..

i got the bug.. that naughty little bug..

Auspoiboy 219 posts
Location: Melbourne Australia

Im in melbs at the moment but not for long, how long are you in melbs for????The other option is search for a fire troupes thread posted reasonably recently......or search under the meet others section.CheersAPB

Good on usGood on us all

Rolph 22 posts
Location: Perth, Australia

I'll be in Melbourne in January.