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  Posted: I was just wondering who would you guy's Have to dinner. It can be annyone rich , famous , past and present .

I'll go first
1. The deli lama (just cause when i've seen him smile i've always wanted to smile to )
2.Past Mohammid ali (the showman , The man the greatest man that beleived in himself ).
3. My old mate sherman (we've alway's laughted and talked about everything).

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Same as Dostoevskiy

Same as Dostoevskiy

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  Posted:i'd also have a look at bush, hussein, bin laden with GREAT interest biggrin (should be fun)

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  Posted:hmmm what an interesting proposition,
three, just three.
1. The pope, Id like to have a deep philosophical conversation with him about the meaning of life as HE sees it
2.Maralin Manon, for the same reason and to freak the pope out
3.President bush, id have him for dinner, as steak.........pillock

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