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Posted:I think even the most religious of us would admit that a great deal of evil has been done in the name of religion, examples being the big witch hunts of centuries past, the missionary conversions of primitive tribes, the crusades, protestant/catholic violence in N. Ireland etc.

Countering this is the peace that faith brings to many and the compassion to others that lies at the heart of the teachings, which leads to much organised charity work.

So the question for the poll is, in your opinion, has humanity benefitted from the existence of religion, or would it have been better off without it?

By religion I'm mainly referring to Christianity, Judaism, Muslim and similar types i.e. One God with a plan for mankind, as opposed to Buddhism which differs in many respects e.g. having no deity.

Please note that I've not dissed religion nor defended it, just asked a simple question.

It'd be great if any discussion on the subject could be calm, well thought out and polite rather than becoming the usual HOP war zone that generally ensues when religion is mentioned.

In the spirit of it being a poll, a simple 'yes, it has been beneficial overall' or 'no, it has done more harm than good' would be sufficient and would give a clear idea of the consensus view.

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