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Posted:Howdy and Konbanwa!

After travelling around Europe in 2008 I have decided I'm ready for another travelling sojourn in 2010: This time to USA once more and JAPAN, the whole trip takig up the end of August, all of September and possibly a fraction of October!

As I will only have about 5 weeks leave accrued at that point in time I am planning on travelling to USA for 1.5 weeks to allow for several days jetlag recovery, the full week of Burning Man, plus a few days on the other side to recover and prepare for a Japan sojourn and hitting JFF and any other fun firey stuff that may be on there!

Is there anyone in the California region, particularly San Fran (Doc, i'm looking at you wink ) who would be keen to meet me in late august to early September or at Burning Man 2010? And conversely, is there anyone in Japan who would be keen to meet me during the bulk of September? I am happy to travel almost anywhere in Japan and don't wish to be confined to the major cities entirely, but some places that come to mind are Fukuoka, Kyoto, Ichigawa and Tokyo smile

Would love to hear from you! grin



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Posted:Yo Brenn! I wanna come! Although now that I think on it, I will be uni-fying myself again next year in Canberra of all places so maybe affording a trip to burning man isn't going to be the most economically possible option at the time. Oh well, I guess my pilgrimage to burning man will have to wait another few years. Sigh.

On another note I should be in Melbourne a lot more frequently these days. Rainbow next year ill be down for a few weeks, so can I be all pro-active and book in Brenn time now?

Yeah so i just joined these forums (about time hey) to find twirlers in Canberra so I don't die of boredom next year. You know of anyone in Canberra btw?


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