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LED Fans

By Malcolm Crawshay, Home of Poi
Home of Poi lotus petal LED fans are a must-have for the avid fan spinner.

Is this a programmable LED fan?

The lotus petal LED fans do come with multiple functions speed adjusting and brightness settings but are not programmable.

Will my LED fan come charged?

No, due to customs regulations as they have lithium Metal batteries they require a 10% or less charge before they can be shipped so it is best to always charge them fully before their first use.

What type of charger does the LED fan come with?

The Lotus Petal LED fan comes with two chargers one for every single fan and two remotes for every single fan. These are wall plugs with a USA plug type. Some countries may require a wall plug adaptor.

How long does this take to charge?

For a full charge, it is recommended to leave on charge overnight. The LED strip does not have to be turned on when charging the charger has a battery indicator light.

Why does my remote not connect anymore?

Due to the lithium batteries inside the LED fan tubing if the main power button on the LED fan strip is on but the remote has turned it off this will still use and drain the battery requiring another charge. Remotes will not work properly if the LED fan is not charged correctly as this greatly affects the signal to the remote. Leaving the main power button on can also be affected by other RF signals. As some may be similar this may cause the fan strip to turn on randomly. This is why it is always recommended to turn them fully off using the main power button on the LED fan.

Are the LED fans waterproof?

No, the LED fans are not waterproof they are not recommended for use in the rain or near large bodies of water. Water damage is not covered under warranty.

Does this come with a warranty?

At Home of Poi, we have a 12-month warranty/replacement process on all items purchased from us in the unlikely event that a fault occurs. This does not include claims arising from abuse or misuse. Unlike other warranties we do not ask you to send products back at your cost, we avoid this hassle for you by simply asking for photos and/or video of the fault.

Once your claim is approved we will then send free parts/product with shipping all paid by Home of Poi or apply store credit to remedy the situation. We feel this warranty substantially reduces the waiting times and expenses for you, our valued customer. Most products can be recycled or reused locally, reducing the carbon footprint by not having to send items back and forth. This really is the HoP hassle-free, cost-free, environmentally friendly warranty process.

All warranty/replacement claims must be made within the 12-month warranty period. If any products are faulty, incorrect, or damaged in transit to you, you must first contact our support team. In most cases, the return of the damaged product is not necessary. We will not reimburse the cost of shipping items back to us unless we have instructed you to do this.


Pair of Hop LED Lotus Petal Fans  
8th March, 2019

Great customer support
"I had a small issue with the fans not working even after being fully changed and they jumped on what I needed to repair them and sent it right away."
Phillips, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Feb 2019

Pair of Hop LED Lotus Petal Fans  
11th October, 2018

LED fans
"My LED fans are amazing! love them, so easy to dance with, and very bright highly recommended!!! AAA+"
Pinktigerf, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Jun 2018

Pair of Hop LED Lotus Petal Fans  
9th May, 2018

LED fans
"I'm having fun working with these fans. I reached or to the staff with a question and received a quick response"
Deb, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
SILVER Member since Apr 2018

Pair of Hop LED Lotus Petal Fans  
26th April, 2018

Faciles d'utilisation, et tr s lumineux.
"Je suis tr s satisfaite de ces ventails LED, ils sont compacts, quilibr s, et tr s lumineux. Je m'inqui tais de l'utilisation de la t l commande mais c'est assez simple, m me pour moi."
Line, France.   [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since Mar 2018

Pair of Hop LED Lotus Petal Fans  
22nd December, 2017

The end caps fall off
"I love the fans, but the end caps are not secure and i have already lost one. I am hoping they will send me a few extras."
Gravatt, USA.   [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since May 2013

Pair of Hop LED Lotus Petal Fans  
21st December, 2017

Love these Fans!
"The LEDs are very bright, and come with a ton of pre-set colours and patterns. I haven t had much chance to use them yet, but they seem well balanced (no wobbly spins!), and are quite light given their size - they re lighter than my fire fans of a similar size. They re about mid-size, which is great for a short gal like myself. So excited to start using these!"
Kelly, Canada.   [Verified Buyer]
GOLD Member since Sep 2009