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"Flower Theory" was first uploaded by Meenik
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Comments/replies: 10
Member #36755
Reged: Jul 2006
Post10th May 2008 1:43 AM 

I love this guy! He´s such an educational teacher. Every time I see him swinging his pois I can't wait to go and get mine. Thank's for all the inspiration!

Member #82135
Reged: Oct 2008
Post8th Nov 2008 12:17 PM 

omg i can do flowers now after just watching this a few times

Member #86196
Reged: Jan 2009
Post14th Jan 2009 6:59 PM 

Why can I see the lesson?

Member #94152
Reged: Jun 2009
Post15th Jul 2009 8:44 AM 

yoga for the brain smile

Member #117420
Reged: Aug 2010
Post31st Aug 2010 12:35 PM 

or you can do this.. or this.. or this..

this guy flows so well i love it. hope after a while i get this kinda motion down..

im just starting workin with my flowers right now and transitions to and from flowers.

Member #95176
Reged: Jul 2009
Post12th Oct 2010 10:40 AM 

Simply amazing!

Member #126204
Reged: Jan 2011
Post20th Feb 2011 8:20 AM 

Wow apparently I was doing basic flowers without knowing it when I've been just flowing and not practicing new moves

Member #140087
Reged: Oct 2011
Post8th Dec 2011 5:14 PM 

O.O WTF?????
You, my friend, are a fackin boss. I aspire to be you everyday, and fail. I cant wait to show everyone the sickest flowers, excuse me, comp circles, they will every see. thankyou sir

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Member #147423
Reged: Feb 2012
Post14th Feb 2012 3:48 AM 

This guy is, AMAZING! heart heart
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Member #155194
Reged: Jul 2012
Post27th Jul 2012 1:13 PM 

Oh wow.. if I can get half as good as that guy, I'll be happy. He's awesome!!!
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Comments/replies: 10