Flowers, Flowers, Petals, Rhythm, and Beats

Poi - Flowers, Petals, Rhythm, and Beats

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  Published on 29 Nov, 2007

Theory on using rhythm and beats to make 4-petaled and 3-petaled antispin flowers.

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Post2nd Jan 2008 4:31 PM 

This is the kind of stuff that will excell your game. Thank You!
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Post28th Jan 2008 7:41 AM 

I practice and practice and practice and still cant perfect it. Nick, you are a truly amazing individual! I would one day love to meet you in person!
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Post28th Feb 2011 6:26 PM 

This took quite awhile, but i'm almost able to turn now with them.
save a LOT of time in the learning process: Count. The. Petals!!!

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Comments/replies: 3


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