Beginners part 1, Side Rotors

From side to side

Staff - Side Rotors

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HOP • Published on 1 Feb, 2006

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Member #57667
Reged: Aug 2007
Post11th Oct 2009 6:04 AM 

So whats going on here? I take it this involves finger twirling?

sorry, but this isn't a very helpful video
Member #111380
Reged: May 2010
Post11th Aug 2010 6:45 AM 

I agre, it would be helpful if you could explain what you are doing in this video. smile

Member #120096
Reged: Oct 2010
Post6th Nov 2010 4:58 PM 

If you watch the main video on rotors, you'll see the hand work. This is the same but in a different plane. He's also transitioning from left to right. Sort of a two beat weave.

Comments/replies: 3