Beginners part 1, Pirouette with mini figure 8

Pirouette with mini figure 8

Staff - Pirouette with mini figure 8

53,953 views  Media uploaded by HOP on 13 May, 2006    

HOP • Published on 2 Feb, 2006

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Member #56085
Reged: Jul 2007
Post2nd Oct 2008 12:45 PM 

Dah - its toooooo small!

Member #11799
Reged: Aug 2004
Post8th Aug 2009 4:57 PM 

yeah frown it's almoust ridiculous, super small, super low quality, very few fps.. unfortunatly it's not the only one smirk

the ones with normal speed and slow mo rule =D

Comments/replies: 2


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