Under The Legs, Dodging Daggers -Reverse Butterfly...

Under The Legs, Dodging Daggers -Reverse Butterfly Variation

Poi - Dodging Daggers -Reverse Butterfly Variation

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  Published on 30 Apr, 2009


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Post22nd Jun 2009 3:00 PM 

Whats the move you did at the beginning there when you're talking - is that isolations in the wall plane?
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Post6th Jul 2009 5:03 AM 

he does a same direction split time isolation to linear extension.

If your working on isolation's then all you have to do is allow the Poi to spin once in an isolation and then spread your arms just as the Poi finish their rotation. allow the Poi to spin once normally(no isolation) and then bring your hands togeather agian and try to catch them right into an isolation. that transition actually helped me get my isolation clean.

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Post15th Sep 2011 8:13 PM 

Hey Derek,

Considering these videos are so old, I'm not even sure if you still pay attention to this site. If you do, can you post anymore videos of "under the legs" moves. I've seen several videos, of people spinning, where they will bring the Poi under their legs during waist wraps. I've also seen people quickly switching from bringing the Poi through the legs from the back to bringing it though the legs from the front. It would be great if I could see a video explaining how to do this.

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Post19th May 2013 12:24 PM 


Comments/replies: 4


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